Little Man

A woman that we know in the hood called the other day about her neighbor’s dog. She said that it was vomiting and having diarrhea and was very sick. Sounded like parvo. However, the owners put the dog in a pet taxi, set it out on their front porch, and went to work. The callousness of this act alone speaks volumes.

The neighbor was very concerned and Patty told her that I’d be right over. When I pulled up to the address, there was a small blue pet taxi sitting on the sidewalk. There were 3 or 4 people standing around. I got out and could see a cream colored, tiny dog curled up in the pet taxi. It wasn’t moving. I asked them if it was even still alive and they said, “we don’t know.” I said, “well, is it breathing?”.  I got  another “we don’t know”. I said, “You don’t even know if your dog is still breathing? “Get it out of the pet taxi”, I yelled at them. The girl looked up at me and said, “we don’t want to touch it”. I yelled even louder, “GET IT OUT OF THE PET TAXI! I need to see if it’s still breathing.” The girl pulled the little boy out of the pet taxi and laid him on the sidewalk. I didn’t see breathing at first. I truly thought he was dead. Then I saw his chest go up and down and I knew he was barely hanging on.  I told someone to bring him over and I ran ahead to get the car started up and off we went. I’ve had many races to the vet like this one, unfortunately, and every case is just as disturbing as any other. It’s a terrible thing.

I put him on my lap as I drove and just kept massaging him and talking to him. I knew he could hear my voice, so I was talking very reassuringly to him, just like all of you would.

I got the little man over to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic in Raytown just as fast as I could. I called ahead and told them I was coming, but told them I didn’t expect him to even live until I got there. His breaths were few and far between. All Dr. Kennedy needed to do was to give him a small amount of euthanasia solution to just help him finally let go. He was surrounded by love and lots of touching-something his owners were afraid to do.

These are rough days. We’ve had many sad cases lately. It’s depressing and over-whelming, but it’s also motivating. It motivates us to get up and get back out there the very next day and try to correct the injustices that are done to these animals- like Little Man. You did not die alone, Little Man. You were surrounded by love.

Our work is vital, so I sincerely mean it when I say thanks for keeping us going. It’s critical that we’re out there.


6 Responses to “Little Man”

  1. Angela Waltz Says:

    I had to put a stray cat down this week too. She showed up at one of my rental properties a few weeks ago. In the end, I saw that she had terrible cancer in her mouth and the agony in her eyes. I only was at the rental once every two weeks, but this last time, it was obvious that she was asking for help. I speedily scooped her up and held her to my heart, and stayed with her the whole way to her final breath at the vet. She didn’t die alone, or in pain, and that was the only gift I could give her. I can’t tell you how I deeply I felt this – it took SO MUCH out of me emotionally. I applaud you for your kindness and love for the animals. Sneding you huge blessings and love for doing what you did for that poor (adorable!) little man. No animal deserves to suffer like this!!!

    Most people are terrified of the concept of death and don’t know what to do, and they can’t handle the emotional part of it. I hope we as a society can find the courage to stop the suffering. Thank you for leading the charge and having the courage to give this act of love. Thank you from me and all of us for making sure he wasn’t alone, in a plastic pet taxi, in the heat. What an undignified way to die. 😦 Thank you for loving him and giving him his dignity, which he deserved.

  2. Donna Woods Says:

    What a shame to be left sick in a cramped pet taxi on a hot day.
    I am outraged the way people are so irresponsible for their pets. That is why I am a volunteer for Chain Of Hope! Sad the people that treat their animals inhumane will never read these sad stories or comments. Most will go get another pet and treat the same way. Left on chains, with NO attention, lack of food, water and shelter. It is amazing how people can live their lives just a few feet away from a dog in need of help for survival. SICK!

  3. Meg Says:

    Thank you Chain of Hope for showing this animal the only love and compassion it has ever known. You are amazing at what you do. And to the owners, I hope that you never again have the opportunity to adopt, or purchase another pet. Its pretty clear that its just too difficult for you so do the animal world a favor and stick to people.

  4. andrea Says:

    Thank you for what you do. He at least had a few moments of love before he was let out of his misery. I firmly believe if you can be that thoughtless and callous to innocent animals, there’s no telling what you’ll do to a human. Unfotunately we only seem to truly prosecute people when they do harm to people. That’s what needs to change.

  5. Jackie Says:

    Unbelieveable!!!! Thanks for all you do, Chain of Hope!

  6. andywhiteman Says:

    This incident is really pathetic. Where did the idiots come from who were just standing there looking at Little Man suffer? Not only should the owners not be allowed to own an animal, they never should have children. If they treat a dog this way, what would they do with children?

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