The Good Life

You might remember a beautiful white Boxer that was starved on the end of her chain. It only took us 5 days to get animal control to finally remove her. Please check out her story when I first blogged about her. The blog was called “The Battle for Callie” and that is exactly what it was-a battle to get this girl out of her hell hole:

Callie had some medical issues to overcome, not surprisingly. Especially a horrible case of kennel cough after coming out of the shelter. She was one sick little girl. However, she was also in one of Chain of  Hope’s  fabulous, dedicated foster homes with Sarah and Nate. Sarah and Nate have fostered several Boxers for Chain of Hope. Thank you guys! They nursed Callie  back to health and fell in love with her at the same time (who couldn’t?). Callie began going to work with Sarah, which is like a dream come true to any dog, because Sarah manages the Three Dog Bakery Store on the plaza. It wasn’t long before Sarah and Nate decided to adopt Callie. They had had an unexpected loss of one of their dogs recently and Callie was like an angel sent to them to help them through. Callie has a sister, Lexi, and they go to work together. Lexi likes to lay on her bed, but Callie likes to man the counter! Especially if  she can get a treat out of it-which she does a lot, I suspect! Good for you, Callie!

Three Dog Bakery has always been so good to Chain of Hope and helps us feed the animals we serve in the inner city. This month they are doing a donation drive for Chain of Hope at their plaza location. For every $5 you donate, Three Dog will feed 5 dogs for Chain of Hope. Believe me, this is a great way to help us feed the homeless and neglected animals of Kansas City! Get on over to the Three Dog Bakery store on the plaza before May is over!! Spread the word to all your crazy dog friends and help Chain of Hope feed the needy animals in the urban core.

Thank you to the entire community for your support. We are totally focused on the animals and feel privileged that you believe in our efforts.  Callie’s life has certainly changed dramatically. She went from a horrible existence with apparently no help in site to living the good life and hanging out at Three Dog Bakery everyday with her mom and her sister. Thanks for keeping us out there.


4 Responses to “The Good Life”

  1. Angela Says:

    Callie is a doll! This is the life that every dog deserves! Kate, if you hadn’t fought for this sweet dog, she surely would’ve died at the end of that chain, starved and neglected. Now she has a wonderful life with Sarah, Nate, and sister Lexi. I am amazed at the lives Chain of Hope saves. You are a savior!

  2. Eleanor Finley Says:

    OMG! I am so excited for her. I needed some good news today. Callie was one of my favorites. Thank you so much Sarah and Nate. You are both angels.

  3. Christine Black Says:

    You all are amazing Angels sent from Heaven. Bless you for all you do.

  4. Heather M Says:

    Great article. So happy to see Callie in a good home. I know Sarah and Nate love being able to help you foster. Glad they decided to adopt Callie

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