You may remember Red from a recent post on my blog. She was abandoned in her backyard. Owners moved away and there she sat. Finally, a neighbor just went down and got her and brought her to his house. She was shy and thin and had some terrible wounds or sores on her legs. It was so bad on her back left leg that her foot was deformed and twice the size it should be. It was bleeding and she limped. Her front legs looked like they had lick granulomas on them. She was in pretty bad shape.

We put Red on pain meds and antibiotics to clear up any infection. The vet did not hold out very high hopes, though, that she could keep her back leg-it was probably going to have to be amputated. She went back home with the man who had rescued her. Two weeks later, Dr. Kennedy was finally in her new building and I had Steve bring Red up to have Dr. Kennedy take a look at her-she hadn’t seen her before. The back leg was no better at all, it was still bleeding, too. Dr. Kennedy felt as well that that back leg was going to have to come off. The front legs looked a little better, but they were still bleeding and oozing.

We scheduled Red for her amputation. Red did very well. She didn’t really want to walk much the first couple of days, but she started feeling better and she enjoys going outside now and just sitting in the grass and feeling the breeze. She is a lot less shy, has put weight on and seems like a much happier dog. Red was able to go home a couple of days later.

During the surgery, Dr. Kennedy she did several skin scrapings and sent them into the lab. The bottom of  Red’s front legs were black with sores still in the very middle of them that were still bleeding. They just would not heal. The pathology report came back last Thurs. and Dr. Kennedy told me that she didn’t have good news for me. Red has skin cancer. We were shocked. She’s such a young dog, too. We all were terribly saddened by this. Red is terminal.  Her left front leg is already starting to look like the back leg did. Dr. Kennedy called Steve and explained everything to him. He said he didn’t think he could deal with that and he brought her back to Dr. Kennedy’s at 8:00 a.m. the next morning.

Red is comfortable. We have her on pain meds and she really is doing well, given her issues. We would like to find a hospice home for her, but that is a very specialized area and not just anyone can do hospice care. I think she would love to be in a home environment for however much time she has left. Dr. Kennedy thinks she has a few months possibly, but we just never know in these cases. If you think that you could offer Red a loving  place to live until the end, please give us a call at 816-221-8080. Thank God she is not in that backyard by herself, abandoned or picked up by animal control. We can help her right to the end and that is what we will do.

Thank you for your support. We never know what we’re going to face when we receive all of the phone calls that we do, but thanks to you we can respond and do the best we can for the animal. Thank you for continuing to keep us on the streets!


2 Responses to “Red”

  1. crystalwayward Says:

    What a sweet, beautiful dog. Thank you for helping her experience some joy while she can.

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    Sorry to hear about Red’s cancer. I am glad the decision is to provide her with a home for her last days. I knew a supervisor at the Post Office who told me they prefer to adopt senior dogs. I assume terminal and senior are almost equivalent.

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