Little Lost Girl

I was at the same house that I had been at when we found Mia, the Weimx puppy (previous story) a couple of weeks before.  The couple that live there are wonderful, wonderful people that really care about animals. They had told us about Mia a couple of weeks before and that is how she was rescued by Chain of Hope.

I gave them some food for their own dogs and I kind of jokingly asked them if there were any more dogs around that they were concerned about. They said, “As a matter of fat, there’s a little stray German Shepherd puppy that has been around for about a week”. They told me that she usually laid up on someone’s front porch across the street and down a little. We walked down there and the woman said, “there she is!”. She called her and the most adorable little Shepherd puppy came down the steps. She was so cute and SO hungry. The people told me that this little girl loved to lay up on that porch with a male pit bull that was tied up.  They said she always tried to hang out with him, but that when people came out, they’d throw rocks at her and shoo her away.

We put some food down and this puppy scarfed it down. She was definitely thin and also pretty shy. I was finally able to pick her up and put her on the van. I took her back to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic and got her checked out. Other than being underweight, she wasn’t in too bad of shape. She stayed at Dr. Kennedy’s for a few days and then moved onto a foster home where she is now. She is not as shy as she was, but still has a little confidence to build up. Her foster mom, Georgia, is wonderful. She also fostered Mulligan, another Shepherd that Chain of Hope had that had a severe wound at the top of his tail. Mulligan healed and was adopted into a great home. Thanks, Georgia, for taking such good care of Mulligan and thank you for stepping up to foster Tehri. I’m sure you won’t have her long! Georgia’s girls named this little one Tehri, which means Precious in another language.

Thank you for supporting us so that we can save lives like this precious one’s!


One Response to “Little Lost Girl”

  1. Sarah Estlund Says:

    Bless your heart for saving her, what a sweet baby! I recognize the couple as well – what great people, very much animal lovers. Glad to know she is safe and BLESS YOU, GEORGIA:)

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