Teena, Hannah (my daughter) and I were on outreach a few weeks ago on a stormy, rainy, cool day. We were dropping food off to some of my favorite people. They are an awesome couple that live in the hood and they often tell me about strays that have been hanging around, etc. They told me that there was a gray puppy lurking around and that it was scared. They said it’d been around for about a week and people were shooing it away. They pointed across the street from them to an abandoned house, so we walked across to check the backyard, etc.

There she was! A beautiful little gray puppy that was soaking wet, shaking and skinny. Poor, poor little thing. Hannah crouched down and started talking to her and offering her a few treats. Slowly, slowly, Mia (as she is now called), came over to Hannah and allowed Hannah to start petting her. She was scared, but at the end of her rope, you could just tell.

Eventually, Mia allowed Hannah to slowly pick her up and carry her to the van.

This wet, cold little girl was sure lucky to be scooped up by Chain of Hope on this day. It was miserable out there. We took her back to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic to get her checked out and Teena offered to foster her! Mia was about 4 months old and we believe is a lab/weim mix. Her coat is a gorgeous gray/blue color. Even though she was scared at first, you can see all of the TLC she received that has helped Mia to heal and trust.

Dr. O’Donnell that works part-time at Kennedy’s Animal Clinic has a Weim. She fell in love with Mia and adopted her! Now Mia has  a wonderful new home, a great mom and a really fun new sister!  Have a great life, Mia!

Thank you for keeping us out there to find the Mias!


5 Responses to “Mia”

  1. Sharon C. Says:

    LOVE it! congratulations to Mia and her new family! Great pictures!

  2. debbi mitchell Says:

    she’s beautiful!

  3. andywhiteman Says:

    A great rescue! I have never ready about such a quick adoption!

  4. andywhiteman Says:

    Typo correction:
    A great rescue! I have never read about such a quick adoption before!

  5. Jennifer Miller Says:

    how adoreable!! what a lucky girl!

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