Moose Goes Home!

Many of you remember Moose. He is a Bull mastiff that we trapped in KCK that had a horrible embedded collar in his neck. He had been staying in some woods and around a business when Chain of Hope was called. 

We rescued Moose on March 12, 2012. He was very scared and unsure of everything. He has had a long 2 months, but he is healing. It really did take a village to help this boy. Thank you, Christina, for making the phone call to Chain of Hope. You saved his life. Thank you for keeping him in doggie daycare, Crystal. Thank you for washing his neck and medicating him, Tanner. Thank you for fostering him, Amy, and giving him a special place to hang out.  You got him much further down the road. Thank you Shawn for giving Moose his forever home, finally. It’s been a struggle for this boy, both physically and emotionally. He was a pretty broken dog. So many people came together and helped this boy. Most of all, Dr. Andrea Kennedy. Thank you for all of the care you gave Moose and the excellent repair job on his neck. You’re the best!

Shawn picked up Moose today from Amy and brought him over to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic before taking him home. Moose wasn’t very photogenic today-he really is a happy dog now!  He has a sister to play with and they get along great. Shawn and his girlfriend are wonderful pet owners. Their other dog, Lilly, was in really bad shape when they rescued her. She had mange and all sorts of issues. You wouldn’t even recognize her before and after pix.  This young couple knows how to rehabilitate a dog! It takes lots of love and patience and I know that Moose has that in them.

Moose-a lot of people love you, buddy. You have a scar on your neck and a bigger scar on your heart, but they will both heal and one day you won’t remember the bad stuff.  You are finally home.

Thank you to all of our supporters for enabling us to save Moose’s life. We couldn’t do this without you.


6 Responses to “Moose Goes Home!”

  1. Sharon C. Says:

    how wonderful!!! so happy for Moose and his new family!

  2. Jan Girando Says:

    Fabulous ending. Thanks, Shawn, for adopting this beautiful boy. He’ll have a great life now.

  3. Erica Says:

    Moose is a living miracle thanks to a few special people – how awesome!!

  4. Sarah Estlund Says:

    Thank GOD for you, Chain of Hope, what a BEAUTIFUL boy!!!! Amy, bless your heart for taking this sweet boy in as a foster and giving him a loving, safe place to heal and Shawn thank you for giving him his forever home, what a happy ending!!!

  5. Elaine Caraballo Says:

    If I were a dog, my tail would be wagging………

  6. andywhiteman Says:

    A tale with a good ending. A great outcome for Moose. He is lucky to find a caring person.

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