Chain of Hope received a call back in March from a man needing help with a little red heeler. The man said that people down the way had left this little dog in the backyard when they moved. A far too common story, unfortunately. Thank God he noticed her. This wonderful man finally went down and brought her back to his house. He named her Red and she was pretty scared. She was also terribly injured. Her back foot was terribly deformed with a horrible wound on it. Her front legs were raw, licked almost to the bone. She had apparently started out with some licking granulomas. No one had cared for her, gotten her to the vet, really done anything for this poor little girl, until this caring man went down and got her. I am so thankful that he decided to do something to help little Red.

He called and said that he couldn’t afford vet care, he had 2 dogs of his own and he really couldn’t take on another dog, but he wanted to get her some help. We agreed to help Steve and Red and I told him to meet me at the vet later that day. I met Red and she was such a tiny little thing, only weighing 25 lbs. The first vet that we went to was really recommending euthanasia, but I said no. I wanted to try treating her. I wanted to give her a chance. She was a young dog, probably about 1 yr. Steve left the vet with Red and some meds for her. He had antibiotics and some spray that he was to keep on the wounds to help them begin healing and keep her from licking them. The vet didn’t hold out much hope for the back leg, but we were sure as heck going to try and clear up those front legs.

I told Steve that he would have more time to care for her than we would at this point (in the middle of moving) and so he took her back home. He was retired and he cleaned and medicated her wounds daily, gave her her antibiotics, loved her and gained her trust.

We were waiting for Dr. Kennedy to open her new clinic so that we could get Red in to her. Steve had had Red back home about 2-3 weeks when Dr. Kennedy was finally open. I called Steve and asked him to bring Red up to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic for an evaluation.

I could not believe it was the same dog that came walking in there! She was confident, curious, and very happy! Her front legs looked much better! Unfortunately, her back leg was very damaged and the damage had deformed the entire foot. It was decided that her back leg, or at least part of it, was going to have to come off. Her back foot was beyond repair. Red went on 2 more weeks of antibiotics in preparation for the surgery. She will be fine.

It was more than apparent that Red loves Steve and Steve loves her. She really doesn’t leave his side. He told me that he can walk all around his property at home without having her on a leash and she stays right beside him. I can tell she adores him. I would rather help this kind man hang onto this dog and help him get her well than to rehome her. Besides, Red already knows she’s home!


4 Responses to “Red”

  1. Erica Says:

    Now THAT is my kind of story!! F the cowbell – More Steve!!!

  2. Ramona Hayes Says:

    Where can i donate Monday when i get paid??

  3. andywhiteman Says:

    What a beautiful dog! I am glad that Red could be saved and that Steve was willing to provide a forever home after getting past the veterinary care.

  4. Sarah Estlund Says:

    I hope she is safe and happy with Steve…and this story hits a sweet spot with me as I once had a red heeler – they’re very special:)

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