There is a woman in the hood that has several of her own cats and she feeds many others, of course. A year or two ago, she had called me about a cat that had been severely injured by a car. The woman had called animal control as well. When I pulled up, animal control pulled up, too. The cat ran under the house and hid. I said that I could go get a trap and trap it and we’d take care of the medical, so animal control left. When I caught the cat and took it to the Humane Society of Greater KC (where I had taken many emergencies), the vet tech told me that that was the worst case that I’d ever brought them and believe me, I had brought them some horrible cases.

The woman moved and we got a call from her the other day about one of her cats. She said she thought it’d been hit by a car and she said it had a wound on it’s leg and it had pus and junk coming out of it. I headed over to her house and this was one of her personal cats. It’s leg was injured, but I couldn’t see it well. She had already had it ready in a pet taxi.

I took the cat over to Kennedy’s Animal Clinic. They immediately sedated the cat to be able to look at that leg really well. As soon as we could see it good, it was easy to see that another animal had probably gotten hold of this cat and ripped it’s inner front leg. It was pretty bad and getting infected.

We thought the kitty could go back home in a few days, but this wound has been severe. Garfield is still at the vet and I am looking for rescue or adoption for him. He is neutered and vaccinated and we will combo test him today. The woman can’t deal with the care needed by Garfield or keep him safe in the future, because he will continue to be an outdoor cat.

Let Chain of Hope know if you’d be interested in either adopting Garfield or taking him into your cat rescue program. He’s a sweet boy that is accepting his bandage changes like a champ! Think good thoughts for Garfield and thanks for keeping us out there!


One Response to “Garfield”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    COH is a great help to the community of animal lovers. Thanks for being there.

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