Chain of Hope received a call from a KCPD homicide detective about a Rottie that was abandoned at a house. The people had up and moved and left the dog there. This sounds shocking to those of us that love our pets and would never do anything like that, but this, unfortunately, is quite common in the hood. We are just thankful when a neighbor or someone is concerned enough to call us or even animal control.

We were swamped, per usual, but I swung by the next day and that’s when I saw Alvin. He was laying up on the front porch of an abandoned house with notices on the window and heaps of trash on the curb. Police line tape was thrown on the trash pile. I don’t know what went on over here, but those idiots left behind a GREAT dog. Alvin is already neutered, he was at good body weight, friendly, etc. He had a tag on, but it led to nothing concrete. What a sweet, sweet boy and how sad just to see him  on the porch, waiting for his people to come home.

I went on the porch and pet him. I fed and watered him, gave him a rawhide and put a blanket down on the porch from him. The street was very quiet, very shady with lots of trees, etc. and 1/2 of the houses were boarded up and empty. Alvin pretty much stayed right on the porch of walkway up to the house. We were not in our new facility yet, we already had a lot of our dogs in boarding, so I left to figure something out and see if we could get a foster home lined up for him.

We put it out on facebook and while we were looking for a foster home, we went over the next day to check on him and we couldn’t stand it. We didn’t have a foster home yet, but we had to get him out of there. We loaded Alvin up and went to the vet to get vaccinations, de-worming, flea meds, etc. He was a super dog, very sweet.
Since he was already neutered and in good shape, we took him to our adoption event the next weekend. He recieved lots of love and scratches and a foster home!

Alvin is doing fantastic! He is being fostered by the  family that adopted a Rottie from Chain of Hope a few months ago (Roxie!). Thanks for stepping up for Alvin!

Thank you for continuing to support our very critical work in the inner city.


3 Responses to “Alvin”

  1. April Veale Says:

    That’s so awesome! What a great looking dog. Rotties are the best! Thank you for all your hard and heart-felt work.

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    Thank God that a detective reported Alvin to you! I have read about Realtors finding dogs locked in abandoned or foreclose homes. It was quite common in California a few of years a ago and one Realtor was rescuing them herself! As far as I am concerned, Red Dogg goes with me no matter what.

  3. Sarah Estlund Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you Chain of Hope for taking him and not leaving him on that porch even though you’re so overwhelmed already…God will always take care of you when you take on more than you can handle.

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