The other day when Marilyn and I were driving through the hood, Marilyn noticed a white dog laying by it’s dog house. It was obviously on a chain or tie-out or something. We went around the block to come around and check on him. There were several dogs in yards all around there, standing on the end of their chains or in their yards barking and barking at us when we came around and pulled in the alley. All except the white dog. He wasn’t getting up. There was something wrong.

We got out and I went to a house with a blk lab/pit mix chained up and Marilyn went over to the house where the white dog was laying. While I was fixing up the blk dog, I saw Marilyn and a guy walking back to the white dog and talking. I went over there and it turns out that this was a 6 mo. old puppy. He had gotten off of his tie-out the night before and ran all over. When he came back that night, the guy put him back on the tie-out. The next day, the puppy could not get up at all. He just laid there. We talked to the man about medical treatment and that he could sign this puppy over to Chain of Hope and we’d take it from there or he could get it to his vet. He told us that he thought he’d just “give it a couple of days and see if he gets better”. Marilyn and I told him that no way could he wait that long-this puppy needed to get to a vet TODAY. This puppy had obviously been hit by a car or something when he was out the night before. I told the guy that he needed to get the puppy to a vet TODAY or sign him over to Chain of Hope and we’d take it from there.  He said that he wanted to talk to his room mate about it. Marilyn explained how the pup was just going to be forced to lay there and pee and poop on himself because he could not get up. His room mate was coming back soon and he wanted to talk to him. We said we’d give him a little time and we’d be back.

We left to more outreach and eventually made our way back. The room mate was home. Turns out he was about a 75 yr. old man and he told us that “you can take it from here”. They signed him over and we went back there and this poor pup was laying in the exact spot, of course-he couldn’t move. I told the guy that he was going to have to pick him up and carry him to the van. He’s a bigger puppy, maybe about 40 lbs. He bent over the pup and acted like he didn’t want to pick him up or touch him. I told him that he needed to pick him up and bring him to the van. I mostly wanted this guy to do SOMETHING for this puppy. He bent over like he didn’t know how to pick him up and I was explaining that  he should try to scoop him so we could support his back end. About that time, the poor puppy finally had to let go of his bladder and he began peeing all over himself. Poor baby. He had no choice. I told the guy (who REALLY didn’t want to pick him up now!)  “see, this is what he’s going to be doing”. I could tell he was totally grossed out by what had happened and I knew he wouldn’t care for this poor little thing properly. I was really glad we had this puppy signed over to us! We ended up having to scoot this baby over onto a blanket and carrying him sling-like to the van.

We got Rigby (as we call him now) right over to Independence Animal Hospital. Rigby’s leg was broken in 4 places and he went to surgery and had a large pin inserted in his back leg! And this guy wanted to let him lay there for a couple of days”. Unbelievable!

Rigby is doing awesome! He is in a foster home with Jennifer, a great foster mom. He needs a lot of cage rest, but he’s doing fine. We’ve got him on pain meds and antibiotics. He is doing great! He’ll never have to go back to that backyard and live tied up ever again.

Thank you for keeping us out there so that we are finding these babies like Rigby. The only way we do it is by being out on the streets everyday. Thanks for your support, especially with the gas prices now-we very much appreciate your support.


9 Responses to “Rigby”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    What an adorable boy! So glad you were able to find him in time and get him signed over to COH!!

  2. nicki Says:


  3. siefken7193 Says:

    Chain of Hope to the rescue AGAIN!! So amazing!! Yay!!

  4. Debra Says:

    Oh Rigby…you sweet little guy. You had a divine appointment sweetheart. I have a lump in my throat.

  5. hayesinkc1 Says:

    WaHOO! Thank You sweet jesus!

  6. Melody Whitworth Says:

    It is a good idea to have a piece of light ply-wood or a stretcher in your van for situations like these, if the dog had a back injury more harm could have been done by using the sling method. So glad you got him and he will be fine. He is going to be a big boy!

  7. andywhiteman Says:

    Another case of a “person” who never should be allowed to own a dog, any animal, or child! How would this goof like it if he was left lying with his leg broken in 4 places? Rigby was probably barely able to craw home!

  8. j miller Says:

    update: Rigby got his stitches out today and seems to be doing good. he has discovered that he LOVES toys!!

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