Two-Toes and Friends

please forgive the camera issues!
We have a lot of challenging addresses that we go to, but this particular one really just sucks the life out of us. I’ve known these people for a long time now. When I first went to their house about 4 yrs. ago, I found a black pit bull mix named Two Toes on a heavy, heavy tow chain which was attached to a big tree. She literally had only 2 toes on one foot, hence her name.  She lunged and lunged on that chain, clearly so frustrated. At the time, there was a pit bull in a back pen and she was emaciated and had a very large tumor. There was an old Doberman in a small fenced in yard, along with a fluffy, gorgeous Chow mix named Cubby. There was feces everywhere. There was no gate to the yard so apparently the old man that lived there did not go in there. He just dumps food over the fence into their pans and he always just adds water to the top of the water already in the bucket. He never changes it out and it’s disgusting. There was a lot of work to do here, a major intervention was called for.

The pit bull with the tumor was in terrible shape, so the man gave me permission to get her right into the vet. She needed to be euthanized she was so bad. I held her in my arms as she slipped away from this world. Her pen had a make-shift door to it that was all wrapped with wire and boards, etc. I know he never went into that pen. He apparently didn’t even dump food over the top  either. This place was disgusting. It was an old retired guy that lived there, along with his wife who still worked.

I worked on getting everyone that wasn’t already spayed or neutered done. I also worked on getting poor Two-Toes off of that hideous chain. I finally scored a nice dog run for her and got some volunteers to help me take it over and put it up for her. She was so happy to be off of that chain and off of that tree!! I’ve always loved that girl! She’s a black pit/lab mix with a great personality, which is amazing after seeing the shit hole she lives in. She has a joyful heart, though.

We were constantly monitoring this house and these animals. The people welcomed us there because we switched out their water, scooped poop, and did all the work. We didn’t care, though. We did it for the animals.

The Doberman was 13 yrs. old and had lived in that pen outside the entire time. The only good thing about it was that she wasn’t chained that whole time and she had a friend in there with her-Cubby, the Chow mix.  We had done a lot over here and now we just needed the old guy to maintain what he had. We checked up on them every couple of weeks. Things were going ok and then one day we went by and there was another pit bull in the back pen where the other pit had been that had the large tumor. I was not happy, to say the least. He said it was his son’s dog and he’d brought it over there, etc. I swear it was like talking to a brick wall.

About a month later, we had the news with us one day because they were doing a story on Chain of Hope. We stopped at this house to check on the dogs. The pit bull in the back pen looked terrible already! She’d lost a lot of weight since the last time we’d seen her and it hadn’t been that long. He wasn’t feeding her, just like the last one that was in that pen. I went in to talk to him and told him that he needed to sign that pit bull over to me and that he needed to quit getting more animals. He kept saying it was his son’s dog. I explained to him that since the son didn’t live there and the dog had been at his place for more than 3 days, he was going to be considered the owner and he could possibly be facing citations. He signed her right over.

While we’d been in the house talking about it, he had commented that the “one I really don’t want is that Doberman”. I couldn’t believe my ears! I had no idea he’d even give her up, but I immediately said “I’ll take her”.

We left there that day with the pit bull and the old Doberman. They were free! I felt bad for Two-Toes and Cubby, but we were slowly working through the mess over there.

One day we stopped by and there was a pit bull puppy chained to a pole inside the pen that Cubby was in! I can’t even tell you how our hearts sink when we see something like this. These people just do not get it. They already had him on a chain because he was getting out of the fence. The old man told me that it was his son’s dog-geez!!! It is so incredibly frustrating out there. We needed to stay involved because we wanted to always make sure that Two-Toes and Cubby were ok, but this guy was unbelieveable.

Let me just say that over the years, I have had animal control out to this house probably about 3 times. They always said “no violations”. The old man said his son didn’t want the pit bull neutered (city ordinance) and he was tied up to the pole at that time with a 2-3 ft. leash, not nearly long enough. I called animal control again and they made the guy neuter the pit bull and put him on a longer chain inside the pen. That was it. So, the Chain of Hope volunteers that had been going here for so long and loved these dogs, had to watch this wonderful pit bull growing up chained to a pole. It was sad and he was incredibly frustrated, of course. They put him out there when he was about 3 months old and he is now over a yr. old, 65 lbs. and frustrated as can be.

I never could get this boy out of my mind. When Chain of Hope had to move, we broke down our wonderful outdoor dog run and took it over to this house. We had a great pen for this big boy-he could finally get off of the chain for the first time in his life! Thanks to Sarah, Nate, and Brittney for all of their help getting this run put up.

We named the Doberman Trudy. Physically, she was not in very good shape. She was a scavenger, too! Loved to eat the trash and go through everything looking for food. That’s what years and years of always being hungry will do to a dog. Trudy lived a few months, but started really going down hill and we knew it was time. We were so grateful that we got her out of there before she passed away. I know she would’ve just died in that pen. We made the appointment to take her in one morning. The night before, her wonderful foster mom left her refrigerator door open and just let Trudy scavenge all night! Isn’t that awesome?? That was Trudy’s favorite thing to do and that’s how she spent her last night. She got into whatever she wanted to and she passed away happy with a full belly and us right there with her.

Two Toes is a survivor. I’ll never forget seeing her chained to that tree. They had the big tow chain fastened into the tree way up high, so this huge chain came down from the tree and poor Two-Toes was at the end of it. I love this girl! I will visit her until the day she dies. Cubby and the pit bull, too. We’ve saved some lives over here, ended others that needed to be ended, and improved the lives of the ones that are still there. We’ll stay on top of it. Thank you for keeping us out there making a critical difference in so many animals’ lives.


5 Responses to “Two-Toes and Friends”

  1. Carol Coe Says:

    You are an army of angels. It’s true. And what on earth is wrong with Animal Control? Not enough room here to list everything, unfortunately. We’ve been told “AC is changing” but I know it’s not true. Animal Control in this town (MO or KS, doesn’t matter which side) has GOT to change and develop a 21st century mentality and shed the current 19th century one. As for the clueless people….just keep on. The ones you actually get to and educate make it worthwhile. God bless Chain of Hope, every single day.

  2. Jackie Says:

    So awesome what you do each and every day!!!!!

  3. andywhiteman Says:

    I must be dumb. I can’t understand why anyone would keep getting dogs just to keep them on a chaim. A dog belongs in the house with his people!
    People like this should not be allowed to have dogs.

  4. Judy Ricky Says:

    I agree with Andy….it’s a crime for people to have any animal if all they want to do is tie them or chain them up for the rest of their lives. Makes me want so badly to do the same to those people. Keep up the good work COH. You guys are awesome!

  5. Sarah Estlund Says:

    I remember checking on two-toes many times…heartbreaking but thank GOD for you all at Chain of Hope. Seriously, Thank GOD. I’m so happy for him that you took the kennel/run over there. I hate those people. Hate them. Dogs are angels and too bad such evil people are allowed to keep them.

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