Chain of Hope received a call from an owner about their dog that had a large tumor on it’s leg. The dog was old and the tumor had grown the owner said.

We went over to look at the dog and he was an adorable larger Beagle/Pit Bull mix is closest we’d come up with. He was chained in his well worn dirt circle. He was 10 yrs.old and I asked the owner if they ever let Rambo in the house. He said he’d had him inside once in 10 yrs. one time when it was below zero, but that Rambo “didn’t like it”. Lots of people tell us that and it makes me mad every time I hear it. They never give them a chance! I knew that they would not let him in the house, regardless if we could get him taken care of medically.

Rambo had a large tumor on the back of his leg. It was open and bleeding in some areas. Poor old guy. It looked pretty nasty and painful. We told the owners that we could take him in and have it looked at, but that it didn’t look very good. My fear was that he would be heart worm positive as well, which it turns out he was. We had to weigh out the options, but we could not let him go back and continue to live on a chain. The tumor was growing and bleeding and could be cancerous, he was 10 yrs. old, he would go back on a chain and he was heart worm positive, which the owners would not be able to treat financially. I called the owners and discussed all of this with them and they agreed with the vet’s recommendation, which was to euthanize Rambo. At least his lonely years of being chained would be over. What a sad situation, but once again we were giving an animal a humane passing without it having to endure more pain and suffering. It’s a blessing to be able to do that.

As with so many before you, Rambo, we will march on in your memory.


2 Responses to “Rambo”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Am I missing something? Was Rambo killed because the owner kept him on a chain or was it too expensive to treat his ailments and make him a COH dog?

    I can’r understand why anyone would keep a dog on a chain. The owner is the one who belongs on a chain.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Poor adorable boy… I’m just happy that you guys were there to send him over the Rainbow Bride with love and kindness.

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