Rascal and Vanessa

There is a house that I have been involved with for years and years. It’s a house of horrors. At least 3 dogs have died here, 2 of them hit by cars on the very busy street where this is.  The neighbor  told me that a terrier mix that had been there had died from heat stroke, tied up in the summer with no water and no shade. What a horrible death.  We’d had animal control out a couple of times. The animals had dog houses and were not emaciated, so just warnings were given about the lack of water.

The guy and his wife didn’t care about the animals at all. If one of them was killed, they just went and got another one. The animals had  minimal  care. He did let us spay and neuter them so at least they weren’t reproducing. We just about totally walked away from this house because we just couldn’t handle it emotionally. It was a very sad place to go. We hung in there, though, and started going back  to care for the pit bull and blk. lab mix that remained there. I can’t tell you how filthy their areas were that they were forced to live in 24 hrs. a day. They never got away from that shit, and I mean that literally. Their water would be disgusting, there would be flies everywhere. They would pant like crazy and we would do all we could to try and bring them some comfort, even if it was just giving them some cold, clean water.  We kept going and giving them fresh water and hanging fly bags and putting gel on their ears to keep the flies off. We fed them, gave them pig ears and most of all-we loved them. They would get so excited when we would pull up, just like so many of them do in the hood.

God works in mysterious ways and we were eventually able to make both of these dogs Chain of Hope dogs! Finally, they were free! We named them Rascal and Vanessa and they were as sweet as they could be. They went to a wonderful foster home that has a lot of fenced in areas and they ran to their hearts content. They swam in the pond, rolled in the mud, and chased and chased each other. It literally brought tears to my eyes to stand and watch them finally enjoy life. God knows, I wish this for all of the chained dogs.

Both of these kids were heart worm positive, but that’s the norm for our rescued dogs. They were treated for that-you can see their shaved areas from treatment on their backs. Thank you for your support so that we can rescue  these dogs that have lived their entire lives outside, tied up. They are almost all heart worm positive. We can treat them because so many of you are behind us financially and want us out there doing what we’re doing!

Vanessa was on our adoption spot on Mondays on NBC Action News. We received several calls, but one lady and her son ended up coming down pretty quickly to meet Vanessa. It was love!!! Vanessa loved them and they loved Vanessa! She was finally going to her forever home where she will be loved and safe for the rest of her life. Exactly what she deserves!

Rascal is still waiting for his forever home. He’s a wonderful dog and so, so happy these days. Rascal likes the girls better than the boys, so he would do great with a female sibling to play with. He’s super sweet and loving and very striking looking with that blk and white face.

We monitored this house of course to make sure this asshole didn’t get any more dogs. He never did and finally moved out of that house. We were able to get a couple of dogs out of that hellhole over the years, previous to Vanessa and Rascal. My heart aches for the ones that died. This man should never been allowed to have ANY animals. Thank you for helping us save Vanessa and Rascal. They are such happy dogs now!


One Response to “Rascal and Vanessa”

  1. Lori Smith Says:

    I know Vanessa’s family. She is in an excellent home. So thankful that you guys never give up. Rascal is SUCH a handsome boy! I sure hope he finds his forever home soon.

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