Marilyn and I stopped by a house the other day to talk to the people about when we’d be picking up their animals for their spay/neuter surgeries. They had several animals and we were talking about all of them when the y0ung woman said that they had a sick puppy in the house. She said it had had parvo a couple of weeks before, they’d had it back and forth to the vet and then she told us that the puppy was basically “dying on me”.  I told her to go get it and let us see it. She came out carrying a white pit bull puppy in her arms. Her abdomen was huge!!! It looked like it was going to burst. The puppy looked terrible. It was otherwise very, very skinny. She was dehydrated, lethargic and near death.

At first we were thinking that this young woman was a horrible person for letting this puppy suffer like this. But then she brought out numerous  receipts from the vet. It was Dr. Swoope from Northeast Animal Hospital. He had previously diagnosed this puppy with parvo, but  just a couple of weeks later he actually fully vaccinated this little girl.  He had just seen this puppy 5 days before we were there. The woman told us that the puppy had a huge belly then and that he drew some blood and said he’d call them. He sent the puppy back home and this was the result. Unfortunately, we hear this about Northeast Animal Hospital a lot. I can’t tell you how many times someone in northeast will tell us about taking their animal to Dr. Swoope, scraping together money to pay him and the animal still having issues or as in this case, losing their life anyway. I can’t even imagine the suffering that this poor little thing had endured. It couldn’t eat, it couldn’t pee or poop, it was horribly dehydrated.  These people had spent hundreds of dollars trying to save this puppy and now 3 weeks later, she was losing her little life. The people had no more resources, they had tried all they could.  This was an incredibly sad situation. This was clearly an emergency, we needed to get her to our vet and we told the people that she was most likely going to have to be euthanized. She was too far gone.

Marilyn help her on her lap as I drove to Independence Animal Hospital. She would moan once in awhile, as Marilyn talked to her and petted her. We got her into a room and two different doctors examined  her and both recommended what we already knew- euthanasia. Something was shutting down, whether it was her kidneys, liver, heart-whatever. Her abdomen was full of fluid, although she was otherwise emaciated. Her gums were white. She was clearly in organ failure. We ended her suffering that had gone on far too long. I named her Roo after the baby kangaroo in Winnie the Pooh.

We never know what we’re going to be faced with from day to day. For this woman to come out of the house with a puppy in this bad of shape was unsettling to say the least. Sometimes, the only thing we have to offer an animal is a humane passing. Outreach is a difficult job, an emotional job, a discouraging job, but a necessary job. Thank you for keeping us out there.

We will march on in your memory, Roo.


8 Responses to “Roo”

  1. Sharon C. Says:

    tears for little Roo….breaks my heart. 😦 has anyone filed any complaints against that “vet”???? absolutely infuriating!

  2. nicki Says:

    Aww I’m sad to see this puppy and it went to Dr. Swoope because that’s where I’ve been taking my cats & dog when I had one….can someone recommend another vet, a good vet?

  3. Paula from T.A.R.A. Says:

    :..( Poor sweet baby girl. God bless Chain of Hope for letting her suffering end. My Sheena, Baby, Brandy, and Penny are in heaven showing this little baby around.

  4. Carolyn Says:

    Nicki, I can highly recommend Crain Veterinary Center, just off Adams Dairy Parkway in Grain Valley. Because of the high quality, compassionate and affordable care, I drive my dogs there from south Johnson county. They have 5 vets, are open evenings, all day Saturday (so working folks can actually see a vet without taking time off from work) and also board dogs/cats. One vet is an anesthesiologist and another is an opthamologist. The primary owners are a father/son team (Drs Jerry and Rob Espey). They routinely do “team-consults” for unusual cases and treat their patients like family. Their phone number is 816-229-1147.

  5. jason crawford Says:

    Three trails in Independence is great. They take great care of our babies and are reasonably priced.

  6. Dru Wilson Says:

    awww…run free, Precious wee Roo…

  7. Chris C. Says:

    Johnson County Animal Clinic is great too. We’ve been taking our 16 yr old dog there since she was a puppy. Wonderful people.

  8. andywhiteman Says:

    Roo’s story is sad. Vet’s like this should lose their license to practice. People need to complain about neglectful or incompetent veterinary care.

    I have found the problem with all issues is people won’t take the time to complain. I sure wish that particularly in this case people should take the time to complain.

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