Marilyn and I were driving in Northeast a couple of weeks ago, when I barely caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of  a large dog  that might’ve been pregnant. I didn’t get a a real good look at her, but we headed around the block to come back around and check it out.

When we pulled up, we saw a female pit bull standing in a front yard. She was obviously pregnant.  We got out with some hot dogs that we had, but she was scared and ran to the back of the houses. A guy came out of one of the houses and  he said she’d been around for several days and that she was a stray.  She was hungry, that was for sure-she was just too scared to get up too close.  This city didn’t need another pit bull dropping a litter in the inner city of KC. Plus the dog sure as hell didn’t need to go through all that.

We weren’t making much progress with her, so we decided we needed to go get our trap. Actually, it’s Virginia’s trap. She always lets us borrow it because ours is broken. Thanks, Virginia-you’ve helped us save a lot of lives!

We brought the trap back to the area and set it at the end of a dead end where she hung out. She was right there, curious and hungry-she just stayed at arm’s length and would not let us get any closer to get a leash on her.
Marilyn set the trap, while the pit bull watched from a few feet away. We were messing with the trap  when a car pulled down the street. It was the man who lived in the house that we were standing in front of at the dead end. He had his own dogs in his yard and he told us as well that this girl was a stray. He said he put food out for her. He showed us where she liked to come into his fenced front yard, so he let us set the trap there. We gave him our cell numbers and he said he’d watch it for us.

Eventually, we got that call and Marilyn headed over to get her. We got her! The guy helped load her and Marilyn brought her back to Chain of Hope.

She was scared, but now she was going to be alright. We went ahead and spayed her that week. We just couldn’t let another litter of pit bull puppies be born-there are so many unwanted ones out there right now.

Amelia is a sweet, gentle soul. She plays with other dogs just fine. She’s a beautiful girl, too-really gorgeous! Amelia is young, only about 2 yrs. old. I’m so thankful that we got her. Otherwise, she would’ve dropped a litter somewhere in the woods at the dead end and nothing good would’ve come out of that situation.

One night when I was working late, I had Amelia out just to wander around the house freely and do what she wanted. I heard a bunch of noise out in the hall. I finally got up to go see what was up and there was Amelia! She’d  scooted one of our big Rubbermaid containers that we put our clean towels and blankets in out into the hall and she was sleeping in it! It was precious. To think that a couple of weeks before, she was out there alone, pregnant, and hungry.

Amelia is safe now and much loved by all of us. She is safe because all of our supporters keep us out there in the hood working very hard everyday. You have our sincere appreciation-and Amelia’s too!


3 Responses to “Amelia”

  1. Paige Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that last pic of her sleeping in the plastic bin on top of the clean towels & blankies!!! Thanks so much for all you do and for taking the time to share some of the stories on this blog!

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    Amelia looks very much like my Red Dogg. Dogs are smart and know how to make themselves comfortable.

  3. Tina Trenary Says:

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