About 6 weeks ago or so I was traveling on Van Brunt around 25th street. I saw an old German Shepherd, very thin and decrepit looking. I felt so sorry for him. He was walking along with his head hanging. I had to go around the block to get back to him and by then he was headed down a dead end street right off of Van Brunt. When I turned the corner, I think he realized I was following him and he picked up his pace and headed to the woods. On the other side of the woods was an apartment complex, most of it abandoned. I drove around to the apartment complex and drove around watching for him to come out of the woods, but he didn’t. I lost him that day and I always worried about him. He really looked like he could use some help. I hate it when I see something like that and don’t get him. It haunts me and makes it hard to fall asleep at night.

Whenever I was in that area (which is just about daily), I would watch for him. I was just there a couple of days ago and about 4 blocks from where I had seen him last time and about 6 weeks later, I saw him! I could not believe it. He looked terrible. Now I just had to catch him! I was driving my SUV and I had one can of canned dog food in there. I pulled over, opened the can and started throwing some chunks of canned food. He smelled it and started to come back. He was pretty wary of me and would only come so close. I could see that he was missing a lot of hair, he was very skinny, and he just looked beat up. He would come so close and then turn around and go the other way.

I really needed a tasty treat. He was definitely hungry, just scared. He was plodding along pretty slowly and I was just a couple of blocks from the McDonald’s on Van Brunt, so I decided to run over there and get some cheese burgers. I got him 4 cheese plain McDoubles and drove back over. I couldn’t find him! I was so disappointed. Couldn’t believe it. I drove and drove. I stopped the mail lady and gave her my card and asked her to call me if she saw him. I gave my number to various people, but nothing was happening. I could not believe as decrepit as he was that he had disappeared so quickly. I was so bummed, but I kept driving. Finally, about 45 min. later, I saw him sitting in a front yard! He was scratching and scratching. His skin was terrible. I got out the cheese burgers and started tossing him pieces. He was hungry and started coming to me! I put a slip lead over his head and loaded him into my car.

He was a sweetheart, but a little nervous, of course. I headed over to Bannister Veterinary Clinic to get him checked out. He was in pretty bad shape. He had a tumor or something right at the top of his tail about the size of a tennis ball. He stunk pretty bad from his skin issue. He really needed some TLC.

Dr. Kennedy did several skin scrapings, but Mulligan did not show any mites. We are treating him for fleas, flea dermatitis, and a secondary skin infection. Believe it or not, he is heart worm negative. We discovered that Mulligan is not an old dog like we thought. He’s probably about 4 yrs. old. His wandering ways had aged him, but he’ll bounce back!

Mulligan is such a sweet boy. He just needs some time to heal and recover. Hard to think about what this boy has been through, but he is safe now. I kept telling him that if he’d just come to me, his entire life would turn around for the better and it has! Thanks for keeping us out there on the streets everyday.


11 Responses to “Mulligan”

  1. Erica C Says:

    YAY Mulligan! Thank you for not giving up on him (like you ever would). Second chances on life are the BEST. xoxoxo

  2. Chris Lange Yohe Says:

    Thank You!!!



  4. Deva Buhrle Says:

    Thank you for doing what you do!! I have happy tears this time.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Thank God you were able to get him!! You’ve changed his life forever!

  6. hayesinkc Says:

    I’m so glad to read this inspiring story to start my day off with! You are a very special person, keep up the good work!

  7. Nancy Transue Says:

    Is there anyone who could offer any help to an older female rottwiler dog who has been living in the wooded area around Indian Mound Park on Belmont and Gladstone Blvd in Old Northeast KC Mo for a long time. She limps and I am sure she is pregnant now as there
    were several large male dogs hanging around her for a few weeks a month or more ago. I leave food and water for her every day but I do not always see her so I so not know if she always gets it. She is not aggressive but when you get too close she will just get up to go way. She does come over to the park and sometimes will lie near
    a pine tree. It is so very, very sad and I know she is really going to be suffering alone some day. She would have to be trapped and I would help in any way I can. I am not very far away so I could watch the trap and I would bring her to my home if at all possible.
    I would be very happy to buy a trap which you could have and
    a donation. This situation is breaking my heart.

    My name is Nancy and my phone number is 816-483-0625,
    I am in and out during the day but could be reached easily before 10 am of after 4 pm.

    MY e-mail address is

    P.S, I am so very happy for Mulligan! God bless you for being
    so peristent in your effort to help him.

    • Jonna Says:

      Nancy, this is such a sad situation. Do you have the number for COH? 816-221-8080. If you have not already, you should give them a call about this poor girl. You are a saint to care like you do. God bless.

  8. Tina Trenary Says:

    So proud and lucky to have COH in our city!

  9. Jonna Says:

    You are awesome!

  10. Sarah Estlund Says:

    Agree with Tina – PROUD AND LUCKY and very very BLESSED to have the tireless workers at Chain of Hope here…without them these dogs would die miserably sad and inhumane deaths after lives on chains and of abuse.

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