Willow and Jake

We rescued Willow about a year ago. She was chained in a backyard, emaciated. When we rescued her, there was also another dog tied up in the backyard. He was a black shepherd mix, he was at a good body weight and had a decent dog house. We had so many dogs that we had recently rescued that had been in dire circumstances that we couldn’t take the blk dog at the same time, nor do I think that the man would’ve signed them both over to us.

We were able to get Willow healthy and happy again and we transferred her to Wayside Waifs, where she was adopted. I have volunteers that cover some of our regulars in south Kansas City once a week. They would drop food off to the house where the blk dog was. One day, I delivered the food and I went around back to see him. He was in his dog house, barely poking his head out. I called him and had treats, but he wouldn’t come out. This was the same dog that had been here before, but his personality had changed-he was very scared and very shy. I put food and water down for him and left a big bag of food on the porch. I decided to come back the next day with another volunteer.

Brittney and I headed back over the next day. The dog was in his dog house again and wouldn’t come out. Even though I had left a big bag of dog food, poor guy had some kind of nasty stuff in his bowls. There was some milky-looking stuff in one bowl and in another was more of the milky stuff with some globs of oatmeal looking stuff in it. Disgusting. Of course, he hadn’t eaten it.

We were able to make Jake, as we were now calling him, a Chain of Hope dog finally. He was scared, but now his entire life would change, just like Willow’s had. Jake stayed at Chain of Hope for awhile and then Lauren and her husband took him home to foster. That was exactly what Jake needed and he is doing awesome! Jake is ready for adoption, is house-trained, loves other dogs and is doing great! He is handsome, confident and very sweet and loving.

In the meantime, we received a call from the people that adopted Willow from Wayside Waifs. Her new name is Lucy. She was doing great, but they then they moved into a new house. It confused Lucy and they were having some issues with her after all this time. Chain of Hope asked Shannon Wells, dog trainer extraordinaire, to visit Lucy and her family and see what she could do. Shannon was able to evaluate Lucy and give the family lots of good pointers and today, they are one big happy family. I think you can tell by the smile on her face that she’s a happy dog. Thanks for everything, Shannon-you’re the best!

Here is an email that we received from Lucy’s new people:

Dear Chain Of Hope,

This is the time of year when sweet Lucy, formally Willow was rescued from her hell. Thank you! Thank you for saving her. Thank you for working to save the others. Thank you!
When I first saw her on Wayside Waifs website I knew she was our dog. I tried to forget about her because we were not planning on getting a dog. And our two cats were definitely not planning on a dog. I figured some one else would adopt her, but they didn’t. So, in april we finally went to adopt her. Lucy has taught us much about patience and compassion. The one I never could have imagined her teaching me was forgiveness. In September after we had moved and had several visitors and had basically changed her world again she bit me on the face. I was a dumb human and I just wanted to comfort her because I could tell she was stressed. Well that isn’t what she wanted and she let me know. After we contacted you for resources you sent Shannon to us. Shannon showed up to our house with a hand that was bandaged beyond recognition. When I asked what had happened she said, “dog bite.” I laughed hysterically. It was exactly what I needed. Dogs bite. Especially when humans give them what they need and not what the dog needs. Thank you for sending Shannon to us. Thank you for your commitment to these dogs.

Lucy is doing great. We learn more about her everyday. And every day she moves beyond her past. We are inspired by her spirit and willingness to trust after all that she went through. As for Lucy and the cats, well, they have all learned to live together. Ones her buddy, the other her nemesis.

Thanks you for all that you give.

Kim and David

Finally, both Willow and Jake are safe and out of that terrible backyard. We still monitor this house and so far they haven’t gotten another dog. Chain of Hope monitors and monitors and monitors. It’s time-consuming, but necessary and we’ve gotten many, many dogs out of bad situations because we follow-up, keep track, and document. Thank you for your support.


One Response to “Willow and Jake”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    What a wonderful update. Thanks for all that you do!

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