We’ll get to the embedded collar in a minute, but first a little background. This is a house that Chain of Hope had to intervene at once before. They had an emaciated shep mix chained in the yard, suffering. We were able to save him and he was adopted quite awhile ago, but here is what he looked like then.

From the first time we ever went to this house, they’ve had another dog tied up. It’s a medium-sized, mixed breed and tied up close to the house. It is well fed and seems to be pretty well cared for (aside from the fact that it is chained 24/7-ugh!). Now, both times that these disgusting people have had a “second” dog, they’ve chained it up to the far back fence. Guess they’re too lazy to walk to the back of the yard and feed and care for them.

Chain of Hope doesn’t forget. We’ve been monitoring this house ever since we rescued the shepherd mix.
They got another dog a few months ago and we’ve been checking on him. The girls went over a couple of weeks ago and discovered that this “new” dog had a horribly embedded collar. It stunk terribly with infection. It was awful. Marilyn got the lady to sign him over to Chain of Hope. She also told her we watch the house and they had better not get another dog back there. We got him straight into the vet for surgery. It was one of the worse ones we’ve had. Dr. Kennedy had to cut away a lot of flesh on this one to get it all stitched back together nicely. It looks great! The poor baby. His injury was about 1 1/2 inches deep and about 3/4 of the way around his neck. Disgusting, infuriating, cruel, inhumane and totally unnecessary if they just gave a damn about the dog.

Since he was rescued on Valentine’s Day, we named him Valentino! He is a SWEETHEART! He was very shy and scared at first, but he is really coming along. He is still at the vet since we’re out of space at COH. If you’d be interested in fostering Valentino while he heals completely, that’d be wonderful. He so deserves a happy life! Just go to and fill out a foster app on our “Adoptions” page. Valentino has learned to sit and stay while he’s at the vet. He’s doing awesome, but really needs a foster home. He’s about 50 lbs. and they went ahead and neutered him while he was getting his neck repaired. He’s less shy than he was, but can still be a little bashful.

Thanks for keeping us out there.


2 Responses to “Valentino”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    This is horrible! I am glad COH was there for Valentino. I don’t understand why people like this own a dog? They should not be allowed to ever have an animal of any kind.
    Will they be prosecuted?

  2. Danielle Says:

    This shows an instance where an animal cruelty registry would be so beneficial. People like this should not be allowed to have a dog – and should be jailed if they are caught with one in their possession. Thank you soo much for everything that you have done for this sweet boy!!

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