Martha was adopted from the Kansas City Missouri shelter 8 yrs. ago. Doesn’t look like her life has been any better. What a pitiful, poor little soul she is.

I have a guy that comes down and gets food and treats for his two dogs once in a while. He showed up the other day and started telling me about a friend of his that had a dog that had mange, he thought. He said the lady was an old lady and she had bought several things and put on it, but it didn’t get any better, it just got worse. I asked him where she lived and I told him that I would go get the dog and get it into the vet. He went ahead and called her right then and there and I could hear him telling her, “it’s ok, don’t be embarrassed, I know….don’t feel bad..”. He told her I was coming over and she said for me to just go get the dog off the chain. She didn’t want to come to the door, she was embarrassed. I could tell by all of this that this wasn’t going to be a good situation.

I drove over and saw a little, old, wooden dog house in the back yard. I could see a little face peeking out of it. It was very muddy all around there. Her food and water bowls were empty. I bent down and started talking to the little dog and offering her some food and she finally came out of her house. She was the most pathetic little creature. She was missing a lot of her hair, she was skin and bones, her skin was crusty and scabby and she stunk terribly. She was just about the saddest little thing ever. She barely wagged her tail when I talked to her. She let me pick her up and I put her in the van. She was emaciated and miserable. Little did she know, this was the best day of her life!

I took her over to Bannister Veterinary Clinic and just left her for them to do a thorough work up. She was in bad shape. It turns out that she didn’t have any mites, so it wasn’t mange. She did have lots of bacteria and yeast on her skin. She had a bacterial yeast infection in both ears. She was severely underweight, only weighing 13 lbs. She’s a terrier mix and should weigh about 25 lbs. She is heart worm positive, her nails were long and curving under, her teeth were majorly worn down in the front. This little girl, who I named Martha, was a mess. She had a long road ahead of her. One thing’s for sure-she wasn’t going back to that lady. Marilyn went over the next day and got a relinquishment form signed. Martha can now move on and finally have a happy life. She’s on lots of medication, medicated baths and getting some good chow!

Martha is still at the vet, but we are in need of a foster home for her. She’s a real sweetheart and learning that people can be caring and loving. She just needs more TLC and time to heal-both physically and emotionally. She’s obviously been through hell. If you’re interested in fostering or adopting Martha, please go to our website and fill out an application on our “adoptions” page.
Martha finally knows what it’s like to have comfort, security, and love. Hopefully soon we can introduce her to other dogs and see how she does. After living such a solitary life, it will be wonderful if she can hang out with another dog or two. Thank God we got to her in time. Thank you for keeping us out there. Our work is critical in the inner city. I hate to think what would happen to all of these animals if Chain of Hope wasn’t around. Keep sending prayers and good vibes our way!


8 Responses to “Martha”

  1. kibbler58 Says:

    Poor little baby!!! I can understand people wanting the love of pets but some never feel as if they should return that love. Sending lots of love and prayers her way and the wish for a very happy future.

  2. Annette Says:

    Thanks for all the good work you do; I can’t believe people do NOTHING and then are all embarrassed when they are discovered to be neglecting an animal. She could have called AC at least; that would be better than living like this.

  3. andywhiteman Says:

    From the sound of things, I wonder if the lady’s living conditions were about the same as Martha’s?

  4. Lois Says:

    Thank you again for all you do out there. Thanks for giving sweet Martha a chance a chance at life. I pray she will pull through and find a for ever home. Love you Martha.

  5. Judy Ricky Says:

    Thank God you are there. And thanks to the man who reported the situation. Too many people see an animal in need and do nothing. Poor little Martha. I hope she has a wonderful loving life ahead of her. My prayers are with you all.

  6. Jannine Carignan Says:

    I am interested in fostering Martha. Is anything she has contagious? Mange? I have a nine year old male Yorkie who is used to “guests” in our home. Have a fenced yard and a big warm house for her to recover.

  7. Sarah Estlund Says:

    Oh my gosh I started crying as soon as I saw “Martha” and then her first picture….how heartbreaking. Thank GOD for you Kate, and Chain of Hope!! This little girl deserves an AMAZING, loving home. She deserves affection, patience, love and as much food as she can take, bless her little heart. Thank GOD for you guys!!!! And frankly, I could care less what the woman is living like…Martha didn’t have a voice, she was all alone out there – the owner can decide her own fate, Martha had no say.

  8. Says:

    Kate, This one looks like it is yours. She is so weird looking she is beautiful. You aren’t bad looking in that cap either!

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