Went Back and Got One More

You may remember the blog about the momma on a chain that I found in an alley that had her second litter of puppies while chained (1-25-12). The people were keeping 3 of the puppies and we were able to take 4 of them. They had the puppies promised to people-ugh!

We waited about 2 weeks or so and decided to check back. So often people tell the people with puppies that they want one and then they never come and get one and the pet owner gets “stuck” with puppies they don’t even want anymore. Sure enough, there was one puppy left and they didn’t want it. In fact, they couldn’t even touch it. They had not socialized it at all. It was just out in the yard with momma, who is very thin still. The puppy saw the girls and ran under the dog house, just like last time. They decided they were going to need reinforcement, so they went ahead and moved on to their next address.

The next day I went over with Judy to get the puppy. Of course, he ran under the dog house as soon as he saw us. The hole under there was even deeper and when I got under there with a flashlight, I could see the puppy way far back there, out of my arm’s reach. I tried to kind of poke him out with a long stick, but he wasn’t budging!

There was a guy across the alley watching us and we ended up asking him if he could lift up the dog house for us. He was super nice and came over to help us. We knew the puppy might just hunker down and be so scared he didn’t move, or he would bolt and run out of there. We had the net ready when the guy lifted the dog house and got it over the puppy as soon as we could. The poor little thing. He was so scared. It really was the only way to save his life. Nothing good was going to happen to him in that alley, I guarantee you.

Momma now has a better dog house. Trust and believe we are closely monitoring this beautiful girl. We will be spaying her soon, but I’m confident we will be able to get her relinquished as well. Thanks for keeping us out there. You have our sincere appreciation.


2 Responses to “Went Back and Got One More”

  1. crystalwayward Says:

    She really is extremely beautiful.

  2. Eleanor VanAusdall Says:

    The puppies are cute, but the best picture is you (Kate) upside down under the doghouse!

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