We had been taking care of a pit bull for about 3 yrs. Her care was minimal. We spayed her and just continued to monitor her and try and get by every couple of weeks or so. Then one day we went by and she was gone. They said that she had run off or someone stole her or whatever. We hope that she landed somewhere better because her life there was dismal.

We drove by once in awhile because usually people will turn around and get another animal and we wanted to continue to keep an eye on this place. A few months went by and then one day, we saw a little, skinny black and white puppy tied up to the fence. He had no shelter (the dog house in the picture is on the other side of the fence), no food, no water. Just empty bowls laying around. His tie-out was all tangled in the bush and he really couldn’t move much at all. He was very scared of us. It was a terrible situation. Thank God we monitor like we do because we were able to get this little guy out of that situation. He was starving, had every kind of parasite, and was very timid. He stayed at Chain of Hope while we worked with him, socialized him and helped him get healthy.

Steve happened to come down to Chain of Hope one day for something and saw Sebastian in his kennel. He asked about him, what his story was and I told him. I could tell that Steve felt sorry for the little guy and he would sit in front of Sebastian’s kennel and softly talk to him and try to feed him treats.

Steve came back a week or two later and visited Sebastian again. Sebastian was still shy, but definitely progressing. Steve and I talked about he and his wife, Marci, fostering Sebastian. I thought that was a great idea and that Sebastian would really start progressing if he could get into a foster home. Steve came back a couple of days later to pick up Sebastian and off they went!

The Michnicks took Sebastian home and quickly fell in love. Who wouldn’t? What a sweetie! Sebastian has a real sweet spirit about him. He was pretty timid, but now he had a family and was in a home environment. The Michnicks worked with him and then finally told us that they would like to go ahead and adopt Sebastian. We were thrilled!!! I knew they loved Sebastian and that Sebastian loved them, too. I knew Sebastian would be safe, secure and happy for the rest of his life with Steve and Marci.

They recently brought Sebastian down to Chain of Hope to finalize the adoption and it was so great to see him again! He doesn’t even seem like the same dog. He’s put weight on and he looks really well and healthy. He loves Steve and Marci! They go for lots of walks together and it’s everything any dog would want-a really wonderful home. Little did Steve know that he’d be conned into helping the girls put the new vacuum together!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Sebastians out there. Thanks for keeping us out on the streets and in the alleys.


3 Responses to “Sebasatian”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    A rescue that went really well! Sebastian had never bonded with humans and had to acclimate. But I still wonder why people own a dog if they are going to leave him/her outside on a chain? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

    I wish I knew about COH back when my obnoxious neighbors were leaving their dog outside to bark. Concurrently with barking the dog was jumping as high as he could up their sliding glass door trying to get in.

  2. Elaine - NJ Says:

    oh thank God this beautiful boy found a loving family and a great home.

  3. Feel Good Do Good in Action: Chain of Hope ¶ Kansas City Spa, Leawood KS | Milagro Midwestern Spa Says:

    […] who take him for regular walks, play with him, and provide him warmth, shelter, food and love.  Sebastian’s story wasn’t always so sunny, […]

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