Poor little Helen. She is a very old Yorkie mix. We had come across a house that put a 3 mo. old puppy out on a red tie-out cable, which was constantly wrapped around the gas meter. It had no shelter. The girl claimed that she brought it in at night. We were back over there checking on it when the girl came out and said that she had found a really little, old dog. She said it looked like a Yorkie. I asked her if we could take it and she said, “No, I’m going to keep it. Do you know where I can get a cheap rabies shot?”. We were so disgusted with her already about the puppy, we just said no and got in the van and left.

We drove by once in awhile and sometimes the puppy was out and sometimes it wasn’t. Chain of Hope volunteers were driving down the street one day on a cloudy, cold day. Clear down at the other end of the block was a tiny little Yorkie. She was shivering horribly, her eyes were crusted over with green pus and she appeared to be blind. It was horrible that she was out there by herself, so defenseless, freezing and scared. A neighbor told us that the girl that had her had just turned her out of the house. Marilyn scooped her up, brought her back to Chain of Hope and I took her straight to the vet. She was in bad shape. We could feel every rib and both hip bones. It seemed like her eyes filled up with pus almost as soon as we cleaned them out. Poor old thing appeared to be deaf and blind. We named her Helen.

Helen only weighed 4 1/2 lbs. She was skin and bones. We got her on some antibiotic eye ointment, bought some AD canned food for her, and brought her back to Chain of Hope. She really had no appetite, she just wanted to sleep in her doggie bed, with the space heater gently blowing on her. She slept about 23 1/2 hrs. a day. We would have to coax her to eat the AD, but she would eat about 1/2 can at a time. It took a few days, but she slowly started seeming to feel better. Ashley, a wonderful Chain of Hope volunteer, had a friend that wanted to foster Helen. She understood that it was probably a hospice situation. Helen was very, very old and in pretty poor health. Ashley came to pick her up and take her to her new home.

Helen is now settled in with the Holland family. She is doing great! She’s eating better, her eyes are clearing up, but she definitely has very limited sight. Helen is deaf, pretty old, but finally happy and living in comfort. Thank you to the Hollands for opening your hearts and your home to beautiful little Helen.

Thanks for your support!


5 Responses to “Helen”

  1. Jan Girando Says:

    Helen, you are an angel to take it this poor little thing in her final days.

  2. Jan Girando Says:

    I mean ASHLEY. See what a sad story does to me?

  3. Haley Says:

    Poor old girl! Who can put a 4 lb dead blind pup outside in the winter? People are so ignorant


    LOVE IT >>>>>>> GOD BLESS YOU ALL>>>>>>>> & THANK YOU

  5. Jonna Says:

    To the Holland family…..you are wonderful!

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