Check out this handsome hunk! This is Clarence and the luckiest day of his life was when he crossed 39th street right in front of the Chain of Hope van last week. Judy and I had just started out on outreach when this dirty, skinny, very forlorn looking American Bulldog crossed in front of us. He was filthy with greasy dirt. He had an extra dirty band of grey around his neck where a big wide collar had been, I’m quite sure. He was pretty banged up-had a puncture wound on his behind and several other smaller wounds.

We knew we had to help this boy, he looked like he’d had a pretty rough go of life so far. That was all about to turn around, if he’d just come to us and not bolt. We had some treats in the front seat, so Judy tossed some out the window. The dog started to turn and go, but he hesitated and came back to the smells-he was hungry! I slowly approached him and he let me pet him and get a slip lead on him. We loaded him up and told him this was the best day of his life.

We got him back to Chain of Hope and the next morning, I took him to Bannister Animal Hospital. He had a few wounds on him. They actually had time to neuter him that day, so first we put him in the bathtub there and tried to de-grease him before surgery.

We got Clarence cleaned up (best we could-still needs more baths!). He is heart worm positive, but we’re used to that. Most of the dogs that we rescue are heart worm positive because they’ve been kept outside on chains their whole lives. He had to have some stitches in his rear end. He needs to put some weight on, but he is going to be a stunning boy when he’s all filled out!

Clarence is an incredible dog! I should say baby, because that’s what he acts like. He cries for attention. He doesn’t even like to stay outside long. I’m sure he thinks he’ll never get back in. He loves to give kisses, to sit on your lap and to get massages-especially on his tummy! Clarence needs a foster or forever home. Please go to and fill out an application on our “Adoptions” page.

Clarence is a happy boy now! Thanks for keeping us out there.


4 Responses to “Clarence”

  1. Sarah Estlund Says:

    GREAT PICTURE of him and Kendra in the chair!! What a HANDSOME HANDSOME boy!! Wow, you aren’t kidding that WAS the luckiest day of his life. (Had to laugh though because, knowing Judy I’m surprised she didn’t run and hide when she saw him!)

    Great work Kate, Kendra and all of the Chain of Hopers!!

  2. Tina Says:

    Such a beauty! I hope he finds a good home soon.

  3. Emily Says:

    Look at that smile! What a doll!

  4. Jonna Says:

    Great Job! I hope he finds his forever home soon.

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