Jennifer, a Chain of Hope foster mom and also a UPS driver, was driving in the hood the other day and witnessed a man out in the front yard with a blk lab. The blk. lab was having horrible diarrhea and then she just kind of collapsed. Jennifer, animal lover that she is, pulled over to see what was going on. The dog was very sick and the people had no money and no way to get her to a vet. Jennifer called us, waited with the guy and the dog for awhile and then had to continue on her route. I arrived shortly after she left and there was the dog and the man in the front yard. Turns out, I’d been to this house and had known these people for years.

A blind woman named Anna lived here. I had known Anna and her son, Terrance, for about 3 yrs. I had seen Terrance walking in the hood one day and I just pulled over and asked him if he had any dogs. They actually had 3 German Shepherds, all outside on chains, none with shelter. Major intervention needed here! They relinquished the momma dog, who was very thin. We got shelter to the other dogs, took them all in for sp/n and continued to stay involved with the family. They had basically turned their old shepherd named Fella into a house dog. They loved their dogs, just needed more education and resources to care for their animals. They moved and let us know where they were so we could stop by once in awhile. These people really stepped up and we didn’t need to stop very often at all. Fella finally passed away. Anna never called and asked for anything. They called Dr. Knapper out for a few medical things off and on and always paid him themselves, etc.

Anyway, this was Anna’s older son who had come back to live with them and he had a blk lab named Princess. I asked him if she was spayed and he said no. The second thing I asked him was what was his mom doing letting an unspayed female live there when she knew me??? He said he wanted to get her spayed and I said as long as that was the deal, I could help him with her.

We loaded Princess up and I took her to Bannister Animal Hospital. By the time I got her there, she was having massive, bloody, projectile diarrhea. It was terrible-it just kept coming out of her. She was vomiting some and was weak. Her body temperature was only 97 degrees. We did a parvo test right off the bat and it was negative. We did a fecal next and it was negative. The guy told me that they had given her chicken bones, but that they had fed her those her whole life. Off to X-ray, then! They could see a few bone pieces on the X-ray, but they weren’t huge. We got her on IV’s and decided to really flush her with fluids and see if she could pass all of that. I left her at the vet for the night and it was really touch and go.

Princess did pass some bones, but she was still having some bloody diarrhea. They kept up her treatment plan and finally by late afternoon, she started turning the corner. Bannister kept her another night and the next morning, she was well enough to go home!

I had the chicken bone talk with the family and returned Princess to her home. They gave me a $20 donation toward her care. She had lost a lot of blood, so we will wait and let her get built up a little more and then we will spay her. They are in total agreement with that!

Thank you for supporting us so that we can help people with medical care for their dogs and cats.
Thanks to all of you UPS drivers, utility workers, postal workers, policemen and women, firefighters, etc. who care enough to make a phone call to Chain of Hope to help an animal. Thanks for not looking the other way!


5 Responses to “Princess”

  1. Kathleen Michaels Says:

    Glad to read such a happy ending story. Thanks all for what you did to help this family & their animals. y a.

  2. Brandi Brown Says:

    This is a wonderful story! Its nice to hear happy endings.

  3. Paige Says:

    What a great story! Always nice to hear about people who are thankful for COH’s help! Also gives me a good idea… I’m going to tell the mailman, UPS drivers, & FedEx drivers who come by the office everyday about COH and urge them to put the phone# in their cell. That way they can call if they come across an animal that needs help while they’re out working.

  4. Sarah Estlund Says:

    Thank GOD for the happy ending!!! I was praying the entire time it would be a happy ending. I live in ‘the urban core (aka ghetto)’ and the mentality of these people baffles me. There are chicken bones ALL OVER where I live. People just throw their ‘Popeye’s Chicken’ and ‘Church’s’ chicken boxes to the grass. We almost had an emergency room trip one day because Max loves those chicken bones – once I realized what he had in his mouth I stuck my hand down there to get it and barely got it before it slipped down his throat. Thank goodness you were able to educate these idiots. And thank goodness for everything falling together as it did or this poor babygirl wouldn’t be alive:)

  5. Sarah Estlund Says:

    $20 toward her treatment??? I’m pretty sure they spend a lot more than that on cigarettes, beer and whatever else. Thank you Chain of Hope and Dr. Kennedy at Bannister for taking care of this girl – and SHAME on these people for not caring more about their dog or making things right by paying more money toward her treatment!!

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