The Boxer

This is a very sad blog to write. I am going to show the pictures because I don’t shy away from showing you the reality out there. I put them all at the end in case you just don’t want to see them.

Chain of Hope received a call over the weekend from a man that said there was a Boxer that looked “like he had something eating him from the inside out”. We weren’t sure what that meant, but I guessed the dog was pretty skinny. You have to realize that we get all kinds of calls that sometimes are right on and sometimes aren’t accurate at all. We are slammed everyday and receive emergency calls almost everyday. We just have to do what we can with the manpower and resources that we have.

I put this dog on the outreach list for Sunday. It wasn’t long before I received a call from Marilyn when they got over there that morning and the Boxer was dead in his dog house. He was totally emaciated and his dog pen was filthy. You can’t imagine that feeling when we go to check on a dog and find it dead or in terrible shape. It’s disheartening, disgusting and makes us mad as hell. I told Marilyn since it was Sunday, she was going to have to call the police and get animal control over there. Judy and I headed over.

Turns out that the owner had had surgery and was staying about 5 houses up the street. He had a renter in the house where the Boxer was. The owner told me that he brought bags of food down and the renter was supposed to feed the dog. I asked the renter if he fed the dog and he said, “everyday”. About that time, AC arrived. The ACO took pix of the dog and started to interview the two men, so Chain of Hope left. It’s a difficult job sorting everything out sometimes, because usually no claims ownership of the dog or they stand there and blame each other. I did email the director to see what citations were given to which man in this case, but have not heard back from him yet. I will let everyone know.

I can’t tell you how hard it is to be out here everyday looking at all the shit. We cope with it because we know we have an army of supporters behind us and because we are doing the right thing. Our work is critical in the inner city. It is hard to keep a positive attitude sometimes, but we know we’re exactly where we need to be-in the hood. Thank you for keeping us there. We’ll keep going as long as you keep sending us. Thank you for your continued support.


18 Responses to “The Boxer”

  1. Sally Says:

    The owner needs to go to jail……….this breaks my heart !!

  2. Sherry Oswald Says:

    Please send this to Mayor Sly.

  3. Jeannie Davis Says:

    I agree with Sherry, send this to Mayor Sly. Send all the informational concerns to him. Send everything to the Attorney General’s office. Both parties should be held accountable. This makes me sick, the heartless cruelty people have and do.

  4. Teresa Ross Says:

    this isn’t from 1 week without food. this is at least a month if not 2. let’s not feed them for a couple weeks, and see how those bastards feel!

  5. nicki Says:

    This motherfuka needs to have his address on blast …..plz i hope he/she gets jail time ….lousy bastard !!!! Its not right !!!!

  6. nicki Says:

    I guess none of the ignorant neigbors seen nothing ? Or seen it & said o’ well that aint my dog ….but im sure their fat slob asses or NOT missing 1 damn meal !!! This type of b.s. gets my blood boiling!!! This is way i cant stand ppl now !

  7. Peggy Champ Says:

    What a sad, sad story.

  8. cheryl Says:

    How can anyone sleep at night when they were are a part of this? Someone lived in this house??? W T H?
    No words can say what we all feel…………………………………

  9. andywhiteman Says:

    I agree with Teresa. Unfortunately whoever called in this incident didn’t express a sense of urgency. I am curious: Was the “owner” angry that his dog was dead? I think that would point towards caring about the dog as well as character.

    These ppl are obviously sociopaths. Is being in the hospital an excuse? I care enough about my dog that after I was taken to the hospital, I asked a friend to pick up Hank and take him to a kennel. After I was released my friend took me to the kennel to pick up Hank because I didn’t feel well enough to drive.

  10. Melissa French Says:

    Unfortunately, we live in a society with no accountability for doing what is right. Until we change our outlook on accountability, we will continue to see these heartbreaking scenarios. People do this to their children. People do this to the elderly. It is about laziness, the economy, lost jobs, no income, no help, rising costs of pet care, ignorance, lack of motivation, lack of responsibility, lack of support systems, lack of follow through, self-righteous people that are not part of the solution, but part of the problem…so many things that can’t be listed in one post. But until there is accountability, there won’t be justice!!!

  11. Ramona Hayes Says:

    We can all take from this and do something. Anger is a natural response, but what if each of us who initially feel anger did one thing today to help an animal or organization that helps animals? WE are all responsible for the well being of the world at large! Do one thing today to help!

  12. Jean Mowrey Says:

    What a sad thing this is. I hope he gets his just rewaed

  13. Sarah Estlund Says:

    Will criminal charges be filed from KCMO? Is there a case number we can follow up with? I agree to posting the address of this home. This is disgusting, heartbreaking and was malicious…that poor poor baby…breaks my heart. Something HAS to be done – some serious consequences for this neglect!!!!!

  14. Sarah Estlund Says:

    I agreed completely with Teresa – the renter lied through his fucking teeth – he wasn’t feeding this dog at ALL much less every day. I’m getting so angry just thinking about this, please please please post a case number so we can follow up with the police? Charges MUST be filed!! This dog was starved for MONTHS.

  15. Kellie Says:

    This is the saddest story. Disgusting. I can’t stop thinking about this poor dog.The owner should be punished. Why have a dog? I would like to see these guys get their ass kicked.

    I would like to know what happens in this case.

  16. Kathleen Michaels Says:

    I am with Ramona Hayes all the way. You said it all. What did I do today to make a difference. Another saying was ADOPT ME, DON’T WALK AWAY. Thanks Ramona.

  17. Jonna Says:

    A ticket is a joke! Starving a living being to death is Murder. This dog owner (and I use the term ‘owner’ loosely) is a criminal in my book and should be treated that way for what he did to that poor helpless boxer. He needs to be sitting in a jail cell. I read your blog that very day you posted it and I cried for that poor sweet angel. Then I got MAD, very, very MAD. That same evening I dropped off my donations at the COH food drive at Hy-Vee. It was wonderful to see all the generosity. Shopping carts full of dog food. Thank you COH and everyone that donated. I have thought about this poor boxer everyday for the last two weeks. And I thank god for COH and the wonderful things you do, You truly are a blessing for these poor animals that have nothing, Nothing but the hope they will be saved by someone such as Chain of Hope. Animal control and our city need to get their acts together. The comments I have read disgust me that AC is so pathetically incompetent at the times they are needed the most. Do they ever do anything other than pick up strays? Do they ever help animals in NEED? I say we start a petiion “Justice for Boxer angel”. These jerks need to go to jail.

    I hope everyone who reads these awful stories about these animals in need go out and do something that makes a difference. COH is a great group to donate to and keep them out there helping god’s creatures that cannot help themselves.

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