We found Granite by going down an alley one day late last fall. He was a gorgeous, very thin, brindle pit bull that had a metal dome-type shelter. Granite was barking a lot at us and the owner came out. He was very nice and very appreciative of our help. He told us that he’d gotten the dog from someone that hadn’t taken care of it. Eleanor shoved a bunch of hay into the shelter, we left food and gave Granite a pig ear. We were pretty low on tie-outs and Granite was on a chain that wasn’t bad compared to what we often see, so we didn’t change him out then. We told the people that we’d stop by again.

We’d stopped by a couple of more times and the owner wasn’t home. We’d leave a bag of food and toss Granite a pig ear.
Then last week, we stopped by and the owner was home. In fact, the whole family came out. They were all very nice and Granite looked great. He’s put a lot of weight on. We ended up leaving him an igloo-something to get into with a smaller opening to keep out more wind and snow (you know it’s coming!). We got him off the chain and onto a tie-out and we are picking him up Thurs. for neuter and vax. It’s sad that Granite lives on a chain, but he is better cared for than a lot of the dogs we see.

Thanks for your support!


2 Responses to “Granite”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    The good part is that Granite had a half way caring family. Thanks for helping him.

  2. Audra Olson Says:

    With your help, the family may really learn to appreciate him and give him more and more love! Maybe even bring him inside!

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