I can barely tell this story, it is so incredibly sad. It’s about Chester, who was a very old pit bull mix that was on a chain, laying curled up in a ball on the ground on a cold day. He was totally blind, his eyes were both entirely white, he was emaciated, dehydrated, and had various sores and scabs on him. His ears were almost all scar tissue from years and years of flies biting his ears every summer (exactly why we hand out ear gel and hang fly bags all summer). His skin was gray and tough on his ears, hair couldn’t even grow there anymore. His teeth were worn down to the gums in the front and his incisors were broken-we often see this from the dog gnawing on the chain. This poor boy suffered more than any creature should ever have to suffer. I just refused to let my brain even think about how much this dog had endured and how long he had had to endure it.

We gave Chester a wonderful weekend of good food, a warm bath (thanks, Brittney), and a soft bed with a space heater softly blowing on him. We gave him lots of love and scratches and massages. He wagged his tail all the time that someone was around him and loving on him.

I took Chester into Bannister Vet Clinic on Monday morning. Sadly, he was in the final stages of heart worm disease. He had fluid on his abdomen and was beyond saving. After the best weekend of his life, I held Chester in my lap and loved on him and told him how much we all loved him already. I always want them to know that when they leave this difficult world, they were loved by somebody kind and caring.
Chain of Hope sincerely thanks you for keeping us out there, as hard as it is.


16 Responses to “Chester”

  1. Alexandra Kuebler Says:

    Kate – thank God for you! No animal deserves that kind of life, or should I say lack of life? I’m proud to know you!

  2. Gary Cox Says:

    He looks like my Diesel! I miss that guy so much! He was such a good dog! I wish I could be out there helping you all out in the wonderful work that you do!

  3. Jackie Says:

    Can I volunteer?

  4. Erica Says:

    I’ve been following you guys for the past couple of months. Thank you for posting your blog. I had no idea and am blown away.

  5. tara sears Says:

    God bless you for allowing him to feel loved, probably for the first time in his miserable life. Poor baby. I know Jesus will take good care of him and we will see him there someday in all his glory. R.I.P. sweet baby.

  6. andywhiteman Says:

    This is really sad. If Chester had a caring owner he would have been an older dog without all of that suffering. Makes me sick.

    I am glad that Chester was happy his last few days thanks to COH.

    Anyone who keeps a dog on a chain should be put on a chain so they will feel what it is like in all kinds of weather and filth.

  7. Emily Says:

    Thank you for making his last days good ones. I cannot understand how someone could do that to a living creature. I don’t think it’s fair to say “ignorance” because anything with a pulse could see this dog was suffering. 😦

    Thanks for what you do. You are amazing.

  8. Angela W Says:

    After reading this, and having a good cry, I have officially renamed your organization to Chain of Dog Angels. Thank you for helping Chester to die a peaceful death, warm and loved and nourished for probably the first time in his life. It was obvious by the pictures that he was full of gratitude and completely understood his suffering was over – a LIFETIME OF RELIEF in one weekend. Thank you for being you. You are truly Dog Angels on Earth.

  9. Virginia Keithley Says:

    Thank you Kate for giving him the only love he has ever known. I know I shouldn’t read your blogs, I can’t stop crying now. I don’t know how you keep going and do what you do but thank God you do. You are an amazing woman and I am so proud to know you.

  10. Laura Shive Says:

    I can see why that was hard to write… couldnt keep from crying if I tried. Those last days of warm love were probably the best he had ever had. Why ANYONE would try to keep you from doing this for these babies Kate, I will never unerstand. Hope things are looking up. I’ll stop by and say hi soon. I love you for ALL you do.

  11. crystalwayward Says:

    Thank you for being Chester’s angel.

  12. Dr. Kimber Says:

    End of life hospice for abused and neglected dogs makes you cry and think about what should and could have been.

    The everlasting trust that is a dog, and the willingness to love again are the great gifts abused dogs give hospice workers.

    The love they share gives the human the courage to carry on, in spite of the grief.

  13. Sarah Estlund Says:

    This is heartbreaking…but I need to ask – what did the owners have to say about this???? #)%#)*( pieces of @#*$@(&( f))#(*%)* I hate people. HATE THEM. Chester sweetheart, you should never have lived like this or suffered like this. Thank God for Kate and Britney, as I see from the photos, loved you in your last moments…

  14. Pam Says:

    This so incredibly sad and makes me so angry at how people can treat their pets! I am so glad that he had at least one good weekend in his long and hard life ans thankful for COH out there in our community. RIP Chester

  15. melinda hartel Says:

    These stories are so hard to read – this one is particularly painful because it should have had a happier ending for this sweet old boy – but they always inspire me to get up from the computer and go DO something, however small, to help.

  16. Andy Whiteman Says:

    I prefer to see a happy ending too but they way I look at it is that Chester had a happy last days knowing someone loved him.

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