Chain of Hope came across Max last spring when he was only about 4 months old, living on a chain. His owner wanted us to talk to her daughter about how to care for the dog since Max was her responsibility. She was 13 and we talked about everything, including getting his shots and getting him neutered. We gave her a leash and encouraged her to walk him. We’d seen this many times before and knew how it’d probably end up. It was sad, but Max was just another lonely, sad dog chained up outside.

We’d hoped that this family would’ve stepped up, but things were never good when we stopped by. We asked them several times if we could just take Max and get him into a home where he could be in the house and have more attention and love. They always refused. It was so difficult to continue going over there and watch this boy grow up on the end of a chain. But we were not going to walk away from Max. He needed us desperately to keep him going.

In fact, his owner moved and she called and gave us her new address. Thank God we didn’t lose track of this boy. She told us that she was in one house on the block, living with friends. Max, however, was tied up behind an abandoned house down the street. I have no idea why-nothing concerning this situation ever made sense. The owner asked for a crate to bring him inside once she moved him down to where she was. I took her a big wire kennel for Max and encouraged her to bring him inside.

During all of this time, Max kept growing and growing and he is now just about 10 months old. He weighs about 80 lbs. He is big and strong and so very handsome! Max is really a striking dog.

We kept monitoring Max and going by to visit him. We were really the only joy that poor boy had! He’d get so excited when we’d stop by. Max, unfortunately, was always tangled every time we went there. We talked with the owner about this over and over, but to no avail.

The feeling that I always had about Max was that he so badly wanted to be free! All dogs do, I know, but Max was incredibly frustrated being tied up. You can see it on his face in the pictures, all he wanted was to be able to run free.He was a big, young, strong dog and he was frustrated so badly, it really ripped our hearts out every time we went there. I would whisper to him right before I left him every time to just hang in there.

And then one day, because we’d stayed involved in this dogs’ life, the owner called us. She was in the hospital and she asked us to take Max. She said she couldn’t take care of him anymore. I knew that was so true. We went over the next day, she was home from the hospital and she signed him over to Chain of Hope! Max was finally free! We loaded him up in the van and Max began his new life at Chain of Hope!

We took the dog house that we had given him and we untangled the tie-out cable so we could use it for another dog. Took us forever to untangle that thing. Poor Max lived tangled everyday. I went inside and told the owner that I needed the wire kennel that we’d given them. It had all kinds of things laying on it and then the lady asked me if she could keep it for her 2 cats because “they’re kind of wild”. I told her absolutely not and loaded up the crate.

Everyone at Chain of Hope was so excited to finally get Max and to be able to start working on finding him a forever home where he is treasured and appreciated for the amazing dog that he is! There are a thousand Maxes out there. Thanks for keeping us going.


4 Responses to “Max”

  1. Gary Cox Says:

    He is so handsome! Let me show my neighbor and see what she thinks. You all are so amazing with what you do! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! God Bless the people of Chain of Hope!!

  2. Sally Larkin Says:

    Absolutely awesome. So many Max’s we don’t know about. Thank you Chain of Hope……..what would we do without you.

  3. andywhiteman Says:

    I never could understand why people own dogs just to keep them chained outside? These idiots make no sense to me. I am glad the owner had enough concern for Max to release him to COH.

  4. Sherry Oswald Says:

    He is so beautiful and lucky that you didn’t give up on him! Thank you so much! Now he gets to run, play and be loved and he should have all along. I do have to thank the owner for letting him go to the right place.

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