Smokey and Duncan

Last Sunday, we received a call from a young woman who said that one of her dogs had been hit by a car. She said he didn’t really get up, he was peeing on himself, etc. I headed over to have a look at this situation. When I walked into their house, I saw a beautiful, medium-haired, black older puppy with gorgeous streaks of silver in his hair. It was Smokey, the dog that had been hit by a car. He was laying on a big piece of cardboard, which was soaked with urine. I asked them how long he’d been like that and they said he’d been laying there for 2 days and couldn’t get up. He had a bowl of water scooted up to him and a bowl of something unidentifiable-it kind of looked like scrambled eggs, but who knows?

I began asking a lot of questions, but still couldn’t really piece the story together. According to the 16 yr. old, Smokey was hit by a car a couple of weeks ago. The neighbor told them that he was laying on the side of the road. They carried him home and made him a bed and kept an eye on him and they said that after a couple of days, he started getting up and around and was feeling better. Never took him to the vet because these people can barely afford the bare necessities, like food. They said he got better over the week and that he was so much better, they put him out in the backyard, with his sibling, Mittens. The only shelter the two dogs had was under a camper shell. The backyard was a mess. These poor dogs were in a real dump.

I asked the people to bring Mittens to me so I could see what kind of shape he was in. He looked exactly like his brother, except with shorter hair. He was very sweet and pretty shy. I asked them where they kept him and they said since it’d been cold, they had kept in in the back of the house. I asked them to show me where they kept him and they lead me through the house to a back area where the steps went down to the basement. They had put some plywood there and Mittens stayed in a small area by the steps, in the dark.

The people had told me that about 6 months ago, a man was selling puppies at the park across the street. They felt sorry for the puppies, but had no money to try and buy one to save it. In the late afternoon, they looked over at the park and the man was gone and there were two little puppies sitting there, so they went and got them. They said that they couldn’t take care of them-that was obvious. They signed Smokey over to Chain of Hope and I left for the emergency clinic up north. We got Smokey in there on a stretcher and the waiting room was packed full. Smokey was not in any pain, there were no open wounds-he was just paralyzed. After waiting 1 1/2 hrs. and still not being seen, I talked with the vet tech and decided to go ahead and bring him back to Chain of Hope, get him settled in and give him some pain meds, just in case. I made Smokey comfortable for the night and left.

The next morning, I loaded Smokey up and took him over to Bannister Veterinary Clinic. Smokey had pooped all over himself and we carried him back to the tub to try and clean him up. Dr. Kennedy came back to look at him quickly first and it became apparent during her initial exam that Smokey had no feeling in his back end, back legs,tail-nothing. He had no control over his urine or bowels. His nerves were damaged beyond help. We had to make the difficult decision to put Smokey down. As I loved on him and told him I loved him, I promised Smokey that I would go back and get his brother out of the hellhole. As soon as Smokey was gone, I went straight back to the house and got Mittens, who we now call Duncan. (They always have to lose their old name along with their old life).

Duncan is now a Chain of Hope dog and he is doing fabulously! He is slowly coming out of his shell. He plays with all of the other dogs-he’s a real gentle sweetheart. If you’d be interested in fostering or adopting Duncan, please fill out an application on our website on the “Adoptions” link.

There are lots of Smokeys and Duncans out there. Thanks for keeping us going for them!


6 Responses to “Smokey and Duncan”

  1. Toni Says:

    Bless your heart for what you do. Wishing Smokey a speedy journey to a better place.

  2. Laura Hudson Says:

    Such a great story!!! I am so glad u got them out of that trash dump!!! I love dogs dearly between me and my hubby we have six dogs already!!! I like reading about other dogs and how there is positive outcomes!! Keep up the good work we need more people like u!!!

  3. Lori Smith Says:

    Bless you all for the work you do.

  4. Mindy Griffin Says:

    Duncan is such a sweetheart…very docile and warms up quickly!! What a sad, sad story for his brother…..

  5. andywhiteman Says:

    What a tragic situation. Glad COH is there.

  6. Sarah Estlund Says:

    Bless you, bless you, bless you…God bless you. I was hoping and praying the story wouldn’t end up as it did, that Smokey was alive and recovering from surgery. So sorry you had to witness that but thank God for you his last moments were full of love, as I know they were.

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