Chain of Hope received the following email from teacher Lindsey Myers, whose class wanted to do a donation drive for Chain of Hope:

“We’ve been discussing ways that we could help animals in our community and I thought of your wonderful organization. I adopted my dog, Nelson, from Wayside last summer as he was graciously brought there by Chain of Hope. Nelson is our world at home and it kills me to imagine all the other dogs out there that are not as fortunate as he was to get rescued. I’ve shared Nelson’s story with my class and even brought him in to meet my students. All of this has lead my class and I to talk about how we could help those animals that are in need. Throughout the next few weeks we would love to start a collection of items that would be useful to your organization.”

These wonderful third graders from Santa Fe Trail Elementary in Shawnee Mission, KS collected lots and lots of great items for Chain of Hope and the animals that we serve. This is the school that I took Caramel and Goblin, our pit puppies, to when I went to thank the kids and talk about Chain of Hope.

Nelson used to live on a chain, up a lonely alley. No one would ever had known he was back there, except that that is precisely where Chain of Hope goes-to the alleys and other not so easily seen areas where the forgotten, backyard dogs are. When we rescued Nelson, he was very, very shy. He had such an endearing face, though-like he was always smiling. Finally, for the first time in his life probably, he truly had something to smile about.

We worked with Nelson quite a bit before sending him to Wayside. Even then, he was shy at Wayside, too. Lindsey says that she and her husband were walking around the shelter separately looking at all the dogs. When they met up later, Lindsey told her husband that she wanted to go back and look at a particular dog again. He told her that there was one that he had liked a lot and wanted to show her, too. They ended up walking back to the same row, to the same exact kennel and they had both chosen Nelson to have a meet and greet with!

Nelson is such a fantastic dog! And very handsome, too. Lindsey’s class gathered so many items for Chain of Hope, that I couldn’t even fit it all in my car because I had a large crate with Goblin and Caramel in it, too. Lindsey generously offered to bring the rest of the goods down to Chain of Hope that Sun. When she and her husband arrived at Chain of Hope, they had Nelson with them!!! It had been over a year since I’d seen Nelson. It was fantastic to see him so happy and so loved. Thank you both for giving Nelson such a fabulous forever home!

Lindsey further rocks as a teacher because when animal control came after Chain of Hope, her students all wrote letters to Mayor James in support of Chain of Hope! Now that is a great lesson to teach your students-try to do good and stand up for those that can’t speak for themselves. That’s what Chain of Hope tries to do.

Thank you for your support and for keeping us out on the streets every day.


One Response to “Nelson”

  1. angie Says:

    LOVE this story. Lindsey is a gem!!! So cool that the students wrote letters!

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