Man Man and Lady

I said before that we have some dogs that we just maintain. That means we try to get over there once every week or two-more often when the weather is extreme. These are the houses that provide minimal care. They do just enough that animal control couldn’t/wouldn’t cite them, yet the dogs’ lives could be so much better. They somewhat are, thanks to Chain of Hope.

I can’t even remember the first time I went to this house, but I know it was about 4 yrs. ago. I’ve been visiting these dogs ever since. Now, all of the Chain of Hope outreach volunteers know Man Man and Lady and they are two of our favorite dogs out there. Man Man is a brown, stocky pit bull mix. He is the sweetest dog! He is tied up in the front of the house and when he sees our van pull up, he gets so excited! He knows he’s going to get love and attention, fresh water and treats. Lady is a petite lab/pit mix. She weighs about 30 lbs. and is adorable. She is so loving and craves affection. She, at least, is on a trolley, so she gets a little more exercise than Man Man. These dogs are fed well. I’ve never seen either one of them underweight. Our biggest challenge at this house is clean water. We have preached and preached this to these guys. I did go there this summer and at times, they would have clean water. We just have to stay on them about it. We spayed and neutered Man Man and Lady a long time ago. We keep tabs on them, make sure the guys have food for them, and change out their water and give them pig ears, which they love!

The other issue at this house is the all the crap laying around the yard. Sometimes, they do better than others.

I have to say over the years with our perseverance, things have improved somewhat. I remember when I first met these guys (the owners), they never took Man Man and Lady inside-ever. Now, in the winter, they do take them inside at night when it’s really cold. That is a huge improvement. They let Man Man off the tie-out and let him run around in the yard sometimes. We’ve been over there at times when Lady has gotten off of her trolley somehow and she just sits in the front yard! That is their home, it is what it is, and we will visit these kids until the end of their days.

We put Frontline on these two all summer long and continously add hay to their houses all winter long. We’ve developed an odd relationship with the owner. There are other issues at this house, as indicated by the tons of beer cans that are often tossed around the yard. Despite their sometimes altered consciousness, we’ve slowly educated the owners about the care of Man Man and Lady. We don’t want any dog to live outside on a chain, but they do have good shelter, they’re fixed and healthy. We have to accept it. We could never find enough places for all the dogs living on chains 24/7 in this city.

Despite everything, the owners are appreciative and all of us on the Chain of Hope outreach team absolutely LOVE these dogs. We are fortunate to be able to help them and they are certainly better off with Chain of Hope involved. Thank you for keeping us out there and for your prayers and good vibes sent our way!


4 Responses to “Man Man and Lady”

  1. wearemars Says:

    bless you

  2. Jan Girando Says:

    It’s great that you keep watching over these little guys. You are their Guardian Angels!

  3. Jackie Oliver Says:


  4. andywhiteman Says:

    Thank God for COH. It is cruel to leave dogs out like that. Red Dogg lives in the house with me. There are times it is so cold in the house that she is shivering and I have to put a blanket on her. There is a photo of Hank with his blanket on my web site:

    Red Dogg has inherited his blanket.

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