Chain of Hope went to a house last spring a few times. The guys that lived there had 3 big dogs on tow chains. They had a Bullmastiff and 2 large pit bulls. Everyone had a dog house and we got everyone on a decent collar and tie-out, instead of the tow chains. However, as much as we talked to the people about spaying and neutering their dogs, they would not agree to it, so we had to walk away. Chain of Hope will not continue to help someone if they refuse to spay/neuter their animals. We just won’t do it. It’s very hard to walk away from a situation, but we will not be a part of continued breeding leading to thousands of euthanasias in the metropolitan area shelters.

We stayed away from this house for months. God knows, we had enough work out there helping people that really wanted their animals fixed and were trying to take care of them. I put this house on the outreach list the other day, just to have the girls run by and see what’s up. We didn’t even know if the same people still lived there or if the dogs were still there. Marilyn and Judy went by and the only dog left was the Bullmastiff. He was in pretty rough shape-lots of sores and scabs and scars on him. He looked very sad-life had just worn him down. The girls asked the guy that came out a couple of different times about the other two dogs, but he wouldn’t answer them. He said we could have the Bullmastiff, “just don’t snip him”. Yea-right. He relinquished “O.G. (yes, that was really his name-Original Gangster) to us. His new name is Henry and he is settling in at Chain of Hope. He’s been to the vet, been neutered and vaccinated. He is on antibiotics for his skin, although his skin scrapings were all negative. Poor Henry had hook worms, tape worms, round worms and whip worms-everything but heart worms! How did that happen? Henry is heart worm negative. Once in a while we get lucky! Because of all of his parasites, Henry had terrible diarrhea for a couple days, but he’s on meds for everything and doing very well.

Henry weighed 96 lbs. He will fill out and get healthier, his coat will get soft and shiny. It will be good to see him healthy and thriving. He is a really good, good boy. He’s been running around with Goblin (a pit puppy) today and doing fine. The owner told us that Henry is good with female dogs and not good with males. We tested him today with Johnny and he didn’t care for him at all! He does let Goblin the puppy jump all around him and lick his face, etc. and does very well. We will test him with a female dog tomorrow.

Henry is about 3 yrs. old and deserves to finally have a loving, inside home for the rest of his life. He is an amazing animal. We want to turn that frown upside down for Henry! He will chew for hours on a rawhide-it’s a joy to watch him enjoy such a simple thing so much. Please let us know if you’d be interested in fostering or adopting Henry.


6 Responses to “Henry”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    I is a wise decision not to help people who won’t spay/neuter especially since they don’t have to pay for the service. You would think people would want some thing that is free. People who put their dogs on to chains should be put on tow chains so they will know what it is like.
    Henry looks like he will be a good dog for someone.

  2. Maria Young Says:

    O.G. = Original Gangster – so glad you got him out of there & he’s now a Henry. Thank you (yet again) for all you do!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Words can’t express how grateful I am for Chain of Hope. What a heartwarming story. 2012 is looking good for Henry so far. Without COH Henry would still be on that chain until his dying day. He would tough through another deathly bittery winter and then have to fair through a hot fly biting summer without adequate water and no one to love him. What kind of life is that? That isn’t a life at all.
    Thank you so much for all that you do for the animals and for this community.

  4. Meg Says:

    Just wanted to give everyone an update on Henry. We are now fostering this gentle dog and he is doing just great! He is being spoiled and has made himself at home with no problems at all. He has not left our sides all day and he just loves to cuddle! He is such an amazing dog, I am so happy that we were there donating food at just the right time to see this beautiful dog. He is the sweetest thing ever! Yay Henry!

  5. Lisa Hayton-Palmer Says:

    Ughhh, when did people start thinking that a living breathing animal are lawn ornaments? Its a heart wrenching job, the things you see, the things you cant do nothing about..I take my hat off to you! bravo, Henry, what a cute name, is going to be forever grateful..I am in love with him, he is gorgeous! Happy Life Henry..glad he gets to know that not all humans are the same ways..some of us do love ! ❤ sending you love H.

  6. Jeanie Says:

    I first saw Henry on the Chain of Hope pet finder list. I haven’t been able to get him off my mind. Now I see his full story here on your blog; and I don’t think I’ll get him out of my heart. Has Henry found a forever home?

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