Judy saw this situation one day while in KCK. These two shepherds were chained up and seemed to have make-shift shelter. Although you can’t really tell in the picture, they are both thinner than we’d like to see them. The outreach girls were in a hurry that day, so they left the woman some food and told her we’d be back with dog houses. The next day, Judy and I headed over with dog houses. The woman was trying. She had built them shelters with what she had and actually, we ended up not having to replace the darker colored shepherd’s house. It was really pretty good-dry and a nice size for this big boy. We did replace the other dog’s house because all the woman had under those tarps were pet taxis. She told us that she didn’t want them out there with no shelter, so she had done the best that she could. She was very appreciative. The dogs are brothers, about 1 yr. old. We left her some more food, talked to her about cranking up their feedings to get some weight on them. The dogs did have clean water. We packed the straw into the houses and told her we’d be in touch. This house went on our monitoring list because this woman is struggling. We will continue to give her food and put the boys on our neuter list.
Thanks for keeping us going so that we can improve situations such as this one!


5 Responses to “Brothers”

  1. Annette Says:

    Do the dogs get walked at all or played with?

  2. Andy Whiteman Says:

    I am glad this lady is keeping the brothers together. I remember when we adopted a lab/pit many years ago, the couple asked us to take the brother. We already had a another dog and didn’t feel comfortable with 3 so the brother went to another home. Over the years we wondered what how the brother was doing and felt bad about splitting the pair.

  3. Me Says:

    Cant she bring them in the house!?

  4. Paige Says:

    Beautiful dogs! I hope I’m wrong on this but it looks like the darker brother may have some hip issues… perhaps it’s just the way he’s posing for the photo.

  5. Me Says:

    That is still no way for those dogs to live.

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