Beverly and her Dogs

Chain of Hope received a phone call from a woman that works at a credit union. She had a customer that desperately needed help with her animals. The customer, Beverly, was in very poor health and had 5 small Chihuahua/Min Pin mixes. The woman from the credit union had been trying to help Beverly, who has Multiple Sclerosis, for quite some time. Beverly was emaciated from being ill-just skin and bones.The woman from the credit union finally heard about Chain of Hope and called for assistance. She told us that Beverly couldn’t care for all of her dogs and that she was willing to give 3 of them up. She was out of dog food as well, so we headed over that very day.

Beverly is a sweet lady who clearly loves her dogs. She was overwhelmed with caring for 5 of them and herself. She would not let us in the house, but brought the dogs out to us so that we could see them. Two of the three that she wanted us to take were underweight, especially the little female. She was skin and bones. Beverly said she feeds them all and she didn’t know why the little girl was so thin.

Beverly signed over 3 of her dogs and said that she wanted to get the two that she was keeping spayed and neutered. We took the 3 dogs that she relinquished to us and left her dog food for the others and told her we’d be in touch. The dogs were pretty shy and scared being out of their familiar surroundings. Wayside Waifs agreed to take the dogs, so we ran them out there. While in the holding room, getting them checked in, we were giving them treats. It was obvious right away why the female was so thin-the boys didn’t let her have a thing! They raced over to every morsel and ate it, growling at her if they had too. Poor thing had been starving right in her own home because the other two dogs were so dominant over her.

A few days later, we received a call from Wayside regarding one of the little male Min Pins. I guess he wasn’t coping very well and needed to get out of there. Marilyn and I went to pick him up and they took us back to his kennel. He was huddled in the corner, with big eyes and was trembling. He was just scared to death. It was sad. We took him to Aunt Crystal at Doggie Daycare and she took little Petey under her wing. Now, Petey is happy, well-adjusted and adopted!!! Thanks for everything you did for him, Crystal!

The other two dogs were adopted through Wayside Waifs. As promised, I went back this week and picked up Beverly’s two dogs that she was keeping for their spay/neuter surgeries. They were a male and a female living together in her house with her. No wonder there were 5 Min pin mixes at her house. We put a stop to that! Beverly was so happy to see her dogs when I got them home that eve.

This was a sad story with a happy ending thanks to Chain of Hope. Mostly, though, it has a happy ending because the woman at the credit union that befriended Beverly, cared enough to find Chain of Hope to help her. She did not turn the other way and think that “someone else will do something”. She got involved and changed the lives of one woman and 5 dogs. We will be checking on Beverly and dropping off dog food for her babies. Thanks for keeping us out there!


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