As you all probably know, we held a rally for Chain of Hope in front of Kansas City Missouri City Hall yesterday, 12-20-11. We had a great turn-out-thanks to everyone who came out with their fantastic signs and supported us. I think the citizens have spoken loud and clear in support of our mission and desire the city to help keep Chain of Hope in operation. Our organization is critical to the animals and the people in the urban core. We hope the city government will work with us, give to us in writing what we need (we have been told SO many things from animal control and zoning, we don’t even know what is correct), and assist us in complying at our current location or help us get into a different location where we can be in compliance.

This is Finn. Our outreach volunteers found him last Sunday as a stray. He was very thin and he appeared to have a broken front leg. He was miserable and in much need of help. He had little sores on his legs. The girls loaded him up and brought him back to Chain of Hope. I got him over to the vet the next morning and they said to leave him for x-rays and give them a call later. It turns out that Finn’s shoulder had been broken a while ago and had already begun calcifying. It would be a very difficult thing to try and fix. The doctor told us that there was about a 50/50 chance that they could repair that leg. The other option was really not a good one and that was amputation. We’ve had several amputations and the animals did well. However, none of them were as big as Finn. The doctor explained with these really big dogs, the other legs could not bear the weight of him on just 3 legs and you usually start having problems with the other front leg from not being able to take so much more of the weight. After thinking about it, you never see a 3-legged large dog, like a Dane, Mastiff, etc. We decided that they would open him up and at least take a look at that shoulder and see what we were dealing with. If he thought they could fix it, he’d go ahead. If not, he’d call me.

Surprise, surprise, with everything going on yesterday with the city, I missed the doctor’s call. Called him back today and he said that they knocked him out and really palpated all of his limbs and checked him over really well while he was asleep. When checking his hips, they discovered that they could pop them in and out very easily, which is not normal. They decided to X-ray his hips and found that Finn had a pretty severe case of hip dysplasia. They also decided after further examination that they could not get a pin in that shoulder, which only left the option of amputation. We understood how hard it is on a big dog and how it compromises the other leg so much, and now he had terrible hip dysplasia at such a young age, which totally ruined his chances of being able to bear the extra weight that an amputation would put on all of his remaining limbs. The doctor told us that even with an amputation, it would probably only be a matter of a few months that we would be dealing with some pretty severe issues with his other legs. There really was no option here but to put him down. There was no good answer here. It totally sucked. Finn is a gorgeous boy, so sweet and loving.

After the rally, Judy and I went over to be with him. The doctor showed us his x-rays and explained them to us. It was a bad situation. Poor Finn couldn’t walk on his injured leg at all, his foot bent and he just kind of dragged it. We spent some time with Finn and then they gave him a tranquilizer. I pulled his big head in my lap and Judy and I pet and massaged him , told him that he was much loved and thought about how he would not lay out there and die alone somewhere, crippled.

As sad as this is, it is critical that Chain of Hope is out there. Thanks for keeping us there.


7 Responses to “Finn”

  1. christine Says:

    I don’t know how you ladies are so strong to be able to do this…but you are a very valuable resource to that city and I hope they see that sooner than later!!!

  2. Sarah Elizabeth Estlund Says:

    Oh Kate….what a horrible end to the day for you…I’m so sorry for you and everyone else. I’m crying now, for Finn. What a beautiful dog.

  3. Erica Says:

    The end of Finn was peaceful and loving thanks to you. What a bright spot to have at the end of his life. I met Tammy Saum thru Olivia, who I am fostering (she goes to her forever home tomorrow!). I just heard about Chain of Hope through her and what’s been going on this past week and sent some emails on its behalf. I hope there is a happy ending to this so animals don’t have to suffer so much.

  4. andywhiteman Says:

    Finn was a beautiful dog. Was any consideration given to getting a wheeled cart or some other appliance to support Finn with an amputated leg?

  5. Lisa Says:

    This absolutely breaks my heart. What a handsome boy Finn was. So sad that nobody cared for him until you guys came along. Thank you for doing what you do EVERY day of the year. Please, please keep fighting for the rights of animals. They deserve better.

  6. Annett Andrallanno Says:

    These stories just make me cry…..I know how teribbly important it is the work you all do every day. I can so see the day when this is no longer aceptable and that people know right from wrong when it comes to the animals.

  7. Cathy Benedict Says:

    How horribly sad for Finn and you… I am happy that he got to be surrounded by those that loved him… prayers said and tears shed for God’s sweet creature…

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