Animal Control Trying to Shut Down Chain of Hope

We need to let everyone know what has happened with KCMO animal control. They showed up here Thursday afternoon to inspect us. We have a big binder with every dog that is in our program and all of their paperwork. Because we were unable to get our domestic avocation permit (because ONE neighbor wouldn’t sign off on it), we are just like any other citizen or household in Kansas City. We can have up to 4 animals over 4 mo. of age and there is no limit on how many puppies we have, as long as they’re under 4 mo, or 16 weeks. When we do take in an animal into Chain of Hope, we were told by Special Investigator Simmons that we have 3 days to get it’s rabies and city license. Those are our parameters and we have been following them perfectly.

When animal control showed up Thurs., 12-15-11, Chain of Hope had 3 adult dogs, 2 different litters of puppies with only 2 puppies in each litter, and two baby kittens. Two of our adults had their rabies and city license. We had taken a darling Boxer in late Tues., 12-13-11. On Wed., I took her to Independence Animal Hospital to get her rabies vax. They do not sell KCMO licenses, so I planned on getting it the next day, still within my 3 days.

When the ACO was finished walking through the house, he told Marilyn that he was calling his supervisor because the puppies’ ages were “questionable”. Marilyn told him that they were under 4 mo., but of course he didn’t believe her and had to waste even more time calling a supervisor. The supervisor came over and went through the house as well. They both went outside to talk and I’m sure talked to the director, Patrick Egberuare. They stayed outside for an hour, discussing. They had Marilyn’s driver’s license and she really needed to get going. She called me and said that they were still just sitting out there talking. I told her to go ahead and tell them that she had to get going and asked them if they were finished inside. They told her she could lock up, but they’d have to finish writing our tickets! “Tickets for what?” Marilyn asked them and they said that all of the puppies were over 4 mo. Marilyn told them that they had no proof of that and asked him how did he know and the same aco that had had to call his supervisor because they were “questionable”, replied to Marilyn, “because I know!”. Unbelieveable. They told her that they could write us tickets for the two pit puppies, however he was “giving us a break”, but “they’d better be gone tomorrow”. They wrote us a ticket for not having Tasha’s city license, even though we legally still had time to get it. Jake’s collar had fallen off earlier, I’d found it on the floor and I had tossed it on my desk to put on him later. They were going to write us a ticket for Jake not wearing his tags, when we told them what happened and Brittney showed them Jake’s collar.

Animal control was here for almost 2 hours total. Really? An aco and a supervisor had to spend all that time to hassle Chain of Hope again? Isn’t there enough to do out there regarding cruelty and neglect? Like this call that Chain of Hope has called in twice and both times animal control has said No Violations:

There are two dogs at this house, one chained on each side of the steps leading up to the front door. One is a reddish mixed breed dog, about 30 lbs. and one is a blk/wh bird dog mix?, about 30 lbs. (couldn’t get a picture of it). The black and white dog is pretty thin. Both of them are on chains and neither of them have shelter. The dogs have dug holes in the dirt that they lay in, all curled up, trying to stay warm. I have driven by early in the morning because I wanted to verify for sure that they were out there all night. They’d be curled up under the porch, in their dirt holes on a really frosty, freezing morning. There is never food or water. It kind of looks like the people don’t even live there-who knows? Maybe they come over and feed them a couple times a week. You can never know. The dogs are aggressive acting, so we can’t even get to the front door to knock. Regardless, these dogs are in a pretty bad situation. We called it into animal control on 11-28-11. When we called the action center to get the results of the animal control visit, we were told that there were “no violations”. Couldn’t believe it, got rather upset (we were having some freezing cold nights!) and called it in again on 12-7-11 at 4:50 p.m. We couldn’t quit thinking about those freezing dogs on chains, curled up in the dirt. When we called after the second animal control visit, we were again told that they found “no violations”. I can’t even tell you how angry this makes my volunteers and me. It is such a frustrating feeling to know that these dogs are in terrible circumstances and nobody with the city gives a crap. These dogs are STILL over there with no shelter. The only absurd thing I can think of is that they are counting that porch as shelter and believe me-that is not shelter. I have sent an email and picture to Mr. Egberuare and received no reply.

Chain of Hope is essential to the inner city pet owners. We average 30 calls a day. We are on outreach 6 days a week. We are checking addresses and driving alleys. We are knocking on doors, talking with people, educating them and offering them resources. We will spay and neuter people’s pets for free if they can’t afford it (we make them pay for shots if they want them and a lot of people scrape together $10 and $20 for vax). People don’t have to show us their W-2, pay stub or whatever in order to “qualify” for hay and food, like other agencies require. We average $1200 in medical bills per month. We help a lot of elderly people in the hood. We transport their animal to the vet and we pay the bill if they can’t, which is almost always. If that helps an elderly person hang onto their beloved pet, we’re happy to do it.

Do we think we’re animal control? Absolutely not! We have absolutely no power, except the power of compassion and the power of education. What we do have is a group of very dedicated volunteers that will go where no other group will go and will be strong advocates for neglected animals. Are we emotional? You bet we are. We see some pretty ugly, nasty things. We’re even more emotional when the agency that is supposed to ensure the welfare of the animals turns their head to a substandard situation.

To continue our story with last Thursday’s animal control visit, I loaded up all 4 of the puppies “in question” the next morning and took them to a vet for aging and documentation. Both litters were aged and documented as under 4 mo. of age. I purchased the Boxer’s city license, so that was taken care of on her third day. We were in total compliance, yet we have to hire an attorney again and waste time fighting these ridiculous charges, when we could be using that money and that time to help even more animals.

The next day after the animal control visit, Chain of Hope was visited by a codes inspector. She delivered the news that we had 15 days to vacate the property! She said that we were operating a business, which we told her we are a 501c3 not-for-profit. She said a complaint had come in to the mayor’s office. I’m sure it did-from animal control. Basically, it appears that animal control is harassing Chain of Hope. Our attorney is working on all of these matters, as is our landlord. We will aggressively fight this. Kansas City needs Chain of Hope. I’m sure the mayor has no idea the essential services that we provide in the urban core. He needs to know and so does the city council and other city administrators. Please contact city officials regarding this issue and let them know that Kansas City’s animals need Chain of Hope. They need to be aware of what Chain of Hope provides in this city and what animal control is trying to do to us. Please call, email and spread the word! To express your opinion about animal control’s treatment of Chain of Hope, let’s band together and let city hall hear our voices for these animals. Let’s show them the true community support we have, let your voices be heard! Contact all city officials listed below and show the support for Chain of Hope and the animals that have no one but us! Thanks for keeping us going!

Mayor Sly James

Troy Schulte
City Manager
Phone: 816-513-1408
Fax: 816-513-1363

Neighborhood and Community Services
David Park, department director
Phone: 816-513-3200
Fax: 816-513-3201

Animal Control Director Patrick Egberuare

1st District Councilman Scott Wagner
Phone: 816-513-6503 • Fax: 816-513-1612
Assistant: Kimberly Randolph •

1st District Councilman Dick Davis
Phone: 816-513-6505 • Fax: 816-513-1612
Assistant: Jackie Burton •

2nd District Councilman Ed Ford
Phone: 816-513-6507 • Fax: 816-513-1612
Assistant: Lisa Minardi •

2nd District Councilman Russ Johnson
Phone: 816-513-6509 • Fax: 816-513-1612
Assistant: Meg Conger •

3rd District Councilwoman Melba Curls
Phone: 816-513-6511 • Fax: 816-513-1612
Assistant: Reva Simmons • •

3rd District Councilman Jermaine Reed
Phone: 816-513-6513 • Fax: 816-513-1612
Council Aide: Petrina Gooden •

4th District Councilman Jim Glover
Phone: 816-513-6515 • Fax: 816-513-1612
Assistant: Erica Torres •

4th District Councilwoman Jan Marcason
Phone: 816-513-6517 • Fax: 816-513-1612
Councilwoman: Jan Marcason •
Assistant: Susan Borge •

5th District Councilwoman Cindy Circo
Phone: 816-513-6519 • Fax: 816-513-1612
Assistant: Gina Boucher •

5th District Councilman Michael Brooks
Phone: 816-513-6521 • Fax: 816-513-1612
Assistant: Tonia Titus • •

6th District Councilman Scott Taylor
Phone: 816-513-6523 • Fax: 816-513-1612
Assistant: Lisa Sturgeon •

6th District Councilman John A. Sharp
Phone: 816-513-6525 • Fax: 816-513-1612
Assistant: Araceli Gallegos •

Please stay tuned for more info.coming shortly. We are their voice. They can’t speak for themselves and they just have to sit there and take it. Chain of Hope needs to be able to do our work in the inner city. Critical information will be forthcoming soon. Be sure and check back on Tues.

Oh btw-the next morning when the pit puppies “had better be gone”, they were at Santa Fe Elementary visiting a 3rd grade class to help educate the kids about our outreach program, as well as about pit bulls. The kids did a donation drive for Chain of Hope. Thank you Lindsey Meyer’s class. Lindsey and her husband adopted one of our rescue dogs from a couple of years ago named Nelson. He lived on a chain and was very shy and now he is the very spoiled kid of the Meyers! They brought him down for a visit and it was awesome to see how happy he is!!! Makes all this grief from animal control worth it.


91 Responses to “Animal Control Trying to Shut Down Chain of Hope”

  1. Pam Sexton Says:

    I submitted your story to Fox 4 Problem Solvers. Hopefully, some TV news coverage of this story will help get the word out and prevent you from being evicted. I am a huge fan of your organization and the services you provide. I have donated to your cause in the past and had always wanted to do more. I hope you win this fight. Right must beat Might.

  2. minnesotajeje Says:

    Chain of Hope in Kansas City,

    You’re doing wonderful work! THANK YOU for your courage and perseverance in face of hardship.

    Now, would it help if outside of Kansas City contacted the city council folks? I’m in Minnesota and I’ve been watching you for couple of years since I left Kansas City almost 5 years ago.

    Again, THANK YOU for your dedicated work on behalf of the animals.

    ~Jessica “JeJe” Kirby

  3. Dawn Says:

    AWEFUL!!!! What is wrong with people?

  4. lk Says:

    This is beyond ridiculous. I have sent my email!

  5. Dawn Says:

    I have emailed them all and retweeted which will show up on my Facebook page. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  6. angie Says:

    I am outraged!!! I support you guys and all your hard efforts wholeheartedly. I cannot believe those jerks. I am definitely going to be sending some emails and making some phone calls!!! Thanks for the hard fight you guys. Seriously, you are my heroes!

  7. Wendy Says:

    Unbelievable. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

  8. Mary Blayton Says:

    I absolutely HATE animal control! I almost went to jail over them coming to my house one time with their arrogant asshole selves! I will most certainly write all the people on the list and tell them to LEAVE YOU ALONE! They can’t do the job they were hired for, so they pick on the people who are trying to do some good! God, that just drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!

  9. debbi mitchell Says:

    if you would like me to write a letter, i would be happy to, my husband and know mr. john sharp. let me know what i should include in the letter. also, if you need a tech to come over and “age” any puppies, send me an email. it is pretty easy to tell the age by their teeth. thanks.

  10. Emily Says:

    Just sent an email to Mayor James…will be sending more emails out to the rest of the people on the list. What you guys do is awesome and you don’t deserve to be treated like this! Please continue to keep us updated and let us know what else we can do to help!

  11. Lindsey Myers Says:

    My students will write letters to some of these people as our winter project!!!!

  12. Kellye Libby Says:

    I sent an email to every single email address you posted!! Keep up the wonderful work you do!!

  13. Kim Johnson Says:

    Sent a e-mail to every single one!

  14. Brandi Brown Says:

    I will certainly be writing letters! This is bs!! Thank you for all you do!

  15. Kalynn Says:

    Please start a petition so i can sign it! I wish you all the best.

  16. Della Liddle Says:

    i live here in independence i will call mr sly james many more of them today ….. i did share this to my facebook page.. you need anything please e mail me…. i adopted my dog her name is ladybug from half way home she a love…

    keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers ,

  17. Julia Patterson Johnson Says:

    I just wrote a nice letter to all the people on the list the major, etc. It wasn’t a hate letter but it asked to get something done to help improve the KCMO Animal Control and make them appreciate Chain of Hope and the wonderful things they do, etc.

  18. Ryker's Boyz 'n' Allie Says:

    You now have the head of BlogPaws sharing this nationwide. (ANd boy is she PISSED!!!!)

    I also shared with local news outlets.

  19. Lisa Says:

    I will definitely send some emails. Is there any way we can start some sort of petition and maybe even contact the local news stations about this? Absolutely wrong what animal control is trying to do.

    • Ryker's Boyz 'n' Allie Says:

      YES. Please do so – add your voice to mine. Got to and click on the submit news tips button. Send them the link to this post. You can also find all the local TV stations on twitter, so tweet away! @KMBC @KellyKCTV5 @FrankNewsman @NimaKCTV5 @NBCActionKevin @RussPtacek – these are just some of the local reporters & news stations you can send tweets to regarding this!

  20. Sarah Estlund Says:

    Kate and Chain of Hope: I know you’ve been dealing with this for so long and not only am I outraged because the questionable and shady animal control officers continue to harass you, there are HUNDREDS of dogs living in torment and filth around this city – that’s where these LAZY #)%#)%*( ACO’s should put their efforts!! I will write a letter to every single person on your list – thank you for supplying that list. If there is anything else you can think of, PLEASE let everyone know. I know that if the Mayor and others REALLY KNEW what these city employees were doing with tax-payers money (ignoring horrifying situations because the ACO’s probably hang out with those same people, picking on an organization like Chain of Hope…and another LUDICROUS aspect of this is, YOU help animal control by taking some of their cases in!!! I’m just outraged. I’m disappointed at the City and the City officials that they’ve let this happen. Writing VERY persuasive letters to all of them. I’m so sorry you all are dealing with this when you really just want to be out helping these poor animals – as that’s what it’s always been about for you, Kate.

  21. Sarah Elizabeth Estlund Says:

    People – PLEASE read this post!! And PLEASE write letters, pass this on, do whatever you can – this can NOT happen!! These stupid, ignorant, lazy “city employees” should be out saving other dogs in horrifying, abusive situations – NOT picking on one of the only organizations that is actually OUT THERE day after day SAVING these poor babies!!! PLEASE forward!! Please repost!!!

  22. Dawn Says:

    Here is a reply from the email I sent to all the people you indicated above. This reply is Lisa Minardi – “Thank you for your interest in Chain of Hope. It is our understanding that this organization is operating out of a residential home and has attempted to get the proper permits to foster animals. This would allow them to have more than the 4 animals currently allowed by City ordinance. Unfortunately, they were unable to obtain the necessary signatures from their neighbors. They continued to operate out of their home and Animal Control has been notified on numerous occasions and found more than the allowable limit on numerous occasions. In December, they had a total of 10 animals on site. Rescue groups are very helpful and do great work, but they do need to adhere to City ordinances. Please keep in mind that we are responding to complaints from neighbors.”

    I replied back asking if you have broken rules in the past, why not get ticketed then. If you were breaking the rules this time around, why did it take them two hours to figure it out? It’s like they were trying to find something wrong. I bet they were instructed to ticket you and when they found nothing they had to rack their brains in order to find a way to do it.

  23. Dawn Says:

    Typo above, I meant to say, This reply is from Lisa Minardi.

    Also, has anyone contacted the local news?

    • kendra Says:

      Dawn this is absolutely untrue!!! The only visit we’ve had from animal control in Dec was last week and we had 3 adult dogs, 4 puppies and 2 kittens. Any citizen is allowed 4 adult dogs yet we only had 3 and were still ticketed!!!! This is total harassment on animal controls part and I wish the city would check their records before giving out false information!!!

      • Dawn Says:

        I know they were just trying to cover their asses. I hope you get a good lawyer who is willing to fight this for you at no charge. If I knew a good lawyer, I would send them to you.

  24. Sammi Says:

    I posted this link to Fox 4 news facebook page. Maybe that will help get the word out.

  25. Mary Blayton Says:

    Maybe we need to have a “heart to heart” chat with the neighbor that refused to sign the original petition. I’m pretty sure they would get really tired of people picketing in front of their home during the Christmas season!

  26. Craig Alan Craft Says:

    Just another example of how Kansas City is failing. There is little to no hope that this city can get their act together. I fear it is going to grind to a halt like Detroit and Flint Michigan. Incompetence is the new Kansas City Motto. Of course they are going to write a ticket for trumped up charges because it always defaults to see how much more money can they bully and grift from the good public.

  27. Sarah Elizabeth Estlund Says:

    Mary – I was with COH through all that and believe me, this lady will never sign the petition. She is racist. There’s no way to sugar coat it. She doesn’t like white people, doesn’t want white people in her neighborhood. Unfortunately for them because they are AMAZING and that is a perfect spot for them. Right in the middle of the ghetto and the shit and the abuse….

  28. Kim Moller Armstrong Says:

    I just sent an email to every single one of them. Hope it helps – you do such wonderful work. Don’t ever stop!!!

  29. Haley Jester Mott Says:

    I sent an email to all contacts listed outlining my outrage at these attacks! How ridiculous. Stay strong and please keep doing what you do

  30. Gwenivere Says:

    I emailed them. I refrained from threatening them with hair ties and rubber cement, but I think they’ll get the picture!

  31. della liddle ' martin Says:

    i left my name also my number with sly james he was out there two staff members that are addressing this matter , so i will hear back from someone also i called patrick from kcmo animal control left a message… keeping you all in my prayers animals are like our kids.. i will tell them that also .. much love to you all ..

    god bless
    della liddle’ martin

  32. Annett Andrallanno Says:

    Kate, you know my office is right across the street from CH, I will make it a point if I run into any of those on the list to tell them what I think. I am emailing them all right now! Just so disgusted that it has to be this way, we ALL need to get on this and move their heads in the right direction. Let them know this is NO longer acceptable treatment of our animals here in KC and that we are not going to rest until things change.

  33. Craig Piburn Says:

    Posted on the Brookside Barkery’s FB page.

  34. Rose Guieb Says:

    I sent an email to them all. I let them know the world is watching. Instead of working against Chain of Hope, they should be bending over backwards to help Chain of Hope help animals of their city. I also let them know there are plenty of animal lovers out there who choose where their money/vacations are spent. They need to do the right thing by the animals….ego and pride aside.

  35. Liz Musil Says:

    You need to take this to the media. That is ridiculous.

  36. Sarah Elizabeth Estlund Says:

    Dawn, is that exactly what the email said word-for-word?

    “Thank you for your interest in Chain of Hope. It is our understanding that this organization is operating out of a residential home and has attempted to get the proper permits to foster animals. This would allow them to have more than the 4 animals currently allowed by City ordinance. Unfortunately, they were unable to obtain the necessary signatures from their neighbors. They continued to operate out of their home and Animal Control has been notified on numerous occasions and found more than the allowable limit on numerous occasions. In December, they had a total of 10 animals on site. Rescue groups are very helpful and do great work, but they do need to adhere to City ordinances. Please keep in mind that we are responding to complaints from neighbors.”

    Because if it is, I’m sure COH can verify exactly what Kendra said – they HAVEN’T been contacted – which means her statements are an outright lie and furthermore, borders on libel or slander or whatever.

  37. Rachel Says:

    People never cease to amaze me. You guys do amazing things. I will spread the word about your cause and what people can do to help.

  38. Mary Blayton Says:

    Sarah, do they need another home to help w/overflow?

  39. kris Says:

    Ordinances that limit the number of pets (Not talking about pet breeders..just pets) a household can have are as dumb as pit bull bans. All that needs enforced are humane laws, rabies vacs, and nusience violations. People that can afford lots of pets, can properly care for them etc, should get to keep them. In our town we worked to chane the limits, we see this as a way to take some pressure off the animal shelter.

  40. krisna Says:

    I emailed to every email address given,good luck!

  41. L. Smith Says:

    Your KCMO tax dollars at work!

  42. Sarah Elizabeth Estlund Says:

    Mary as far as I know – and you’d have to contact them – they desperately need another location preferably one where they wouldn’t have to deal with getting tons of signatures from uncooperative residents..but they’re always looking for foster homes.

  43. morgan miller Says:

    I’ve contacted Call for Action News anchor, Keith King. . . he said he is forwarding it to a reporter. [[fingers crossed]]

  44. clark jay cuvelier Says:

    Well what do you expect… Your trying to help and they feel threatened and someone with animal control must have an agenda that you are in the way of.

  45. Ryker The Tonkinese (@Ryker_Tyker) Says:

    Again – for any of you out there who also tweet, here are the handles of many local KC news reporters and stations.

    Please feel free to tweet them and let them know you’re outraged and they should look into this.

    Twitter accounts:

    And news tips can be submitted here:

    and here:

  46. Melissa Jewell Says:

    I live in the Sacramento Valley, in California. I will be writing/calling these “higher up’s” on your behalf! Un-frigging-believable…how DARE they!!! In regards to the 2 chained dogs? NO VIOLATIONS??? REALLY!? Again….only this time- UN-FRICKIN-BELIEVABLE!!! Come on Mayor James!! Wake up & BLAST your CD player with: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!!! Chain Of Hope is who! They let the dogs out! Out of hopeless situations, they may otherwise die in… Enough is enough. KCACO needs to be spending the tax payers money in the RIGHT areas, not harassing do gooders like COH!!! ~MJ

  47. Teresa Ross Says:

    I see your story is going to be on the news tonight YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! glad to hear it.
    Just wanted to say a few things.

    A: never move to Liberty. same thing as described above. racist neighbors. and “DUMB” AOC/police officers concerning well taken care for pets.

    B: if you need a home for any overage of pets, please let me know.

    C: keep up the fight, and good luck

  48. talkshowhost68 Says:

    the city has a Facebook page, ya know!?! ;o)

  49. Melissa Jewell Says:

    @Dawn: Can you send a screen shot of that email from Lisa Minardi, to Kendra. She will(perhaps COH’s Attorney)need it for her records/case:D ~MJ

    • Dawn Says:

      Sure! I’m not sure what Kendra’s email is. I believe you have mine through the post here on the blog. Email me and I will forward you a copy.

  50. Rebecca Ouzts Rinker Says:

    I’ve been through something similar, almost identical really… Between the neighbor and the dog warden saying my puppies weren’t puppies, right down to the “code violations”, it is the same!
    Keep up the good work and stand firm! I’m all the way out here in VA, but I’d be happy to express my opinion to your mayor! I realize there are some ACO’s that have the animals best interest at heart, but way too many of them are just plain assholes! My guess is they’re pissed because they couldn’t make it as a Deputy and they had to take the ACO position. We had a warden that threatened to shoot one of my puppies, because he was afraid of dogs :/

  51. Grace Howrya Says:

    Ah, bureaucracy in action doing what they do best…straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. It figures whenever a small group of people are actually getting something done…out comes the red tape. By the looks of those photos, I’d say animal control has bigger fish to fry but why bother, you can’t get money from the irresponsible people in this world.

  52. Greg lickteig (@Greglickteig) Says:

    We were not over our limit at any point in December. When animal control visited us last Thursday they said we were over our limit because they decided to age our puppies as being over 4 months, which after documentation from a veterinarian, they are only 13 weeks. So that put us over our limit by 1 dog, NOT 10! But those charges should be dropped because they are not true. Who ever this lady is, she has her facts wrong. We have been very diligent in staying out our legal amount: 4 adults and our puppies and kittens under 4 months.

    • Dawn Says:

      If animal control officers don’t know the difference between a 3 month old puppy and a 4 month old puppy, they should not be animal control officers. There is a HUGE difference and it is relatively easy to tell. It would seem that not only does the city hire someone with little education, they provide little training as well. Very sad.

  53. Jennifer Hill Says:

    Animals need all of the advocates they can get…….government alone can not solve the problem. Citizens coming together to make a difference is what is needed. Don’t lose faith.

  54. Chelsea Deere Says:

    This makes me so sad you guys have made me the happiest dog owner twice now and help so many dogs that at any other place would be put down immeditaely….if there’s anything we can do to help as far as fostering please let me know!

  55. Patti Ridgeway Says:

    SPCA, please cooperate with Chain of Hope for the interest of the animals. They do a wonderful job and need your assistance. Why jeapordize the welfare of the animals?? Please work together!

  56. Cindy Says:

    I will contact each of these persons and. And sure everyone I know sees this story and contacts them!!!

  57. Chris Bower Says:

    Good work !!!

  58. Maijken Swanson Says:

    Wow, I just really have no words because the ones I want to say are not pretty!!!!!!

  59. brandy Says:

    I will be writing to all those above as well as posting this story on my animal rescue fb pages…keep up the good work and thanks for being their voice! 😉

  60. Bob Says:

    I highly recommend that your attorney file suit against the City, as well as the director of Animal Control as defendants for harassment and ask for punitive damages big enough that they don’t ever dare to bother you again. This also leads me to question if Animal Control has the interest of animals at heart at all. Looks like they are in it just for the opportunity to bother people who do care for the welfare of our furry friends.

  61. Sarah Elizabeth Estlund Says:

    Bob – animal control has never had the interest of the animals at heart. You don’t even need a GED to be an ACO. They could give two shits about the animals. Honestly. I’m not trying to be snarky or harsh, it’s the truth.

    ACO’s make minimal money, smoke cigarettes, sit in the van and log onto Facebook with their iPhones. They don’t answer animal cruelty calls until Kate or someone else has called repeatedly. Animal Control does not enforce ANY ordinances (dogs must have shelter, food, water, etc. pits must be spayed/neutered) they’ve left houses where dogs are in such horrible shape they die hours later and AC simply left a note at the door. It is heartwrenching the City does not do more to ensure these lazy, uneducated and inhumane people are doing their jobs.

  62. Cindy Prince Says:

    My email to officials:

    Being a life-long resident of Kansas City, and especially growing up in a poor neighborhood, I am asking for you to please do what is in your power to save Chain of Hope.

    First of all I believe Chain of Hope not only helps the helpless animals, but they also are helping the people of Kansas City.

    Chain of Hope shows how the people of Kansas City help each other, and therefore we are proud to live here.

    Chain of Hope is an ally to Animal Control, not an enemy or a competitor. They help discover and correct animal welfare violations. Chain of Hope is not working against Animal Control but WITH Animal Control.

    Chain of Hope works in ernest to follow all the laws. Please do not let the people of Kansas City down. Help us show the rest of the state, country and world we are a humane people.

    Quotes About Animals and
    Why They’re Important to Us

    These quotes about animals give us a good picture of why we need them in our lives, and why we should do everything we can to protect them.

    Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

    Anatole France

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

    Mohandas Gandhi

    Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do other creatures.

    His Holiness The Dalai Lama

    Mankind’s true moral test, its fundamental test (which lies deeply buried from view), consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals. And in this respect mankind has suffered a fundamental debacle, a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it.

    Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

    I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.

    Abraham Lincoln

    The indifference, callousness and contempt that so many people exhibit toward animals is evil first because it results in great suffering in animals, and second because it results in an incalculably great impoverishment of the human spirit.

    Ashley Montagu

    The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them. That’s the essence of inhumanity.

    George Bernard Shaw

    If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.

    St. Francis of Assisi

    The fate of animals is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous; it is indissolubly connected with the fate of men.
    Émile Zola

  63. andywhiteman Says:

    Some animal rescues have law enforcement authority such as Denver Dump Friends League. I don’t how how they get this authority but if COH could get this authority, you could cite for cruelty, neglect, and abuse without calling ac. Animal Control is made up of people who are underpaid and some will do only the minimal amount of work to collect their pay check.

  64. Ryker's Boyz 'n' Allie Says:

    The link to KC’s facebook page:

    please go post there!

  65. Lisa Says:

    Last night when it was cold and rainy I kept thinking of these two poor dogs tied up in front of that house. Makes me so sad. Any way at all they can be rescued from that place?

  66. Janice Says:

    I sent an email to everyone one your list. I’m hoping the message is loud and clear that they should back off and allow Chain of Hope to continue to help animals find good homes and to stop animals from being treated unjustly. Hopefully they will here the cry of the public and back those who try to end animal cruelty.

    There time is better spent on helping and not hindering the care of abandoned, abused, and mistreated animals.


  67. City of KC Shutting Down Animal Shelter Chain Of Hope « kansascitymetro Says:

    […] Chain of Hope’s WordPress Site Is Here […]

  68. Elizabeth Says:

    I am soo tired of hearing stories like this. Our AC would be of better service just digging ditches for the city. Wish we had REAL Animal Cops. You guys are the closest thing to them.

  69. kansascitymetro Says:

    I posted a blog with my support. I’ll keep an eye on the developments of this. Good luck!!!!

  70. Kim Campbell Says:

    Keep up your spirits and good work! I feel terrible for those dogs on chains and the city is not recognizing a real problem. They need to leave you alone and let you continue caring for those in need.

  71. Tammy Lynn Garrison Says:

    I’m so sorry you guys are going through this! I have blasted the story to all of my various readers and followers, including the contact information for all the Important People at the bottom of this post. This is terrible. You have our full support, and if there is anything we can do, let us know! Jim is home all day every day, so don’t hesitate to send him an email (his phone number is changing tomorrow, so e-mail is the best way to get hold of him, or call me 316-299-3352). I really do mean it. Even if you just need a break and want us to watch the dogs, or need heavy lifting.

    Wednesday was a real blessing to us to foster as we were mourning Fleming. Jackson and Sapphire have really helped us grow as people, and Jim feels like he’s found a real calling, working with dogs, so we have benefited just as much as the dogs we have fostered for Chain of Hope. And it was an amazing feeling, watching Wednesday go on to her forever-home. We will support you in any way we can.

  72. Dawn Says:

    I got a reply to my email from Susan Borge with the Legislative Aide to Councilwoman Jan Marcason:
    “Thank you for communicating your concerns to Councilwoman Marcason’s office regarding the situation at Chain of Hope. We have looked into some of the issues and wanted to offer some points of clarification.

    One is that residential areas in Kansas City have residential zoning to protect the residential character of the neighborhoods, in this case R-1.5. Within that zoning code, one can live in a house and have four pets. Or one can live in a house and have more than four pets by getting a “domestic animal avocation” permit from the City but if the (more than four) pets are dogs, all of the people who live within 50 yards of the property have to agree to this exception.

    What you can’t do is to not live there, have a business (for-profit or not-for-profit) and use the residential property for that business. If you do, then you will be cited by the City Planning Department and be required to comply to the zoning. What you also can’t do is have more than four pets unless you get the proper permit. If you do, you will get tickets.

    No one disagrees that Chain of Hope provides a wonderful service to our city and deserves to be supported with donations and volunteer hours, but in this case we felt some clarification was needed. Thanks again.

    Susan Borge
    Legislative Aide to Councilwoman Jan Marcason
    4th District
    816 513-6517

    The laws make sense but her response doesn’t address the issue that animal control had to spend two hours trying to decide if a law was broken.

    • andywhiteman Says:

      Sounds like typical politicians ignoring the real issue!

    • andywhiteman Says:

      I thought COH was a home based rescue. It seems to me that if someone actually lived in the house, that would resolve the issue of being categorized as a business. Someone living there would truly make you a home based rescue so they can’t claim you are a business. You need a bed, clothes in the closet, and people food in the frig as well as canned goods, etc.

      There was a very similar case as to whether a KCMO muni-judge lived in KCMO or not and a higher court ruled it was legally a residence. I know that is not the issue, but if you did set up a residence there, a higher court has already set up case law for you to use as an argument as to residence.

  73. Dawn Says:

    Susan Borge has replied back to my response and has defended the animal control officers decision by stating, “The perception seems to be that animal control is targeting Chain of Hope but I hope and believe that it is a case of city employees doing the unpopular job of enforcing the rules that are on the books.”

    In other words, it’s okay for animal control to give a ticket even though if they are not sure the law is being broken in regards to the puppies being 4 months old or not. Can you imagine getting a ticket from on officer who claims that you might have been speeding but he’s not sure?

    Susan Borge also mentioned that since no one lives on the premise of the Chain of Hope residence that it is considered a business and it violates zoning laws. Sounds like they are continuing to dig for more issues to find ‘wrong’.

  74. Sarah Elizabeth Estlund Says:

    Just got back from the rally – for those of you who weren’t able to make it, it was a HUGE showing. I was so impressed with all the support for this great organization!!! One thing that several people and several posters pointed out that I think should be one of the main issues here…is the amount of horribly tragic stories and cruelty cases that Animal Control has done NOTHING about. So many situations where ACO’s left the scene, didn’t leave citations, didn’t get the animals out of the situation…so many of these were highlighted via some of the awesome posters that were made. COH is truly doing what ACOs are paid to do, but wno’t and don’t.

    • andywhiteman Says:

      It sound like a big lapse of animal enforcement in KCMO. That is why I suggest that COH get enforcement authority similar to Denver Dumb Friend’s League. Then COH could cite cruelty and neglect without depending on AOC. DDFL worked miracles in dealing with a neighbor’s neglect/abuse case of at least 2 dogs.

      BTW: I am moving and have a house I will sell CHEAP in a good location in Raytown in walking distance of Raytown Animal Hospital. The lot is 120 ft x 120 ft with a backyard 6 foot locked chain link fence to keep dogs/kids in. There is a limit of a total 4 animals regardless of species. If interested I suggest obtaining city approval in writing, a variance, or rezoning before buying.

  75. Linda horner Says:

    There needs to be more people like your organization. Animal control is just a job and like most people today , have no compassion for their job. I would love to help with animals. They are so more humble and compassionate. Thank you for your time and dedication. You make a difference to these pets.

  76. Mary B Says:

    What is a long-term solution?
    How adverse was the one resident to allowing COH to have more animals? Is this a closed issue with no future discussion.

    It’s funny because I thought of opening a doggie daycare in various areas where there were ALREADY similar businesses and I was told that zoning laws did not allow it. I chose NOT to report the existing businesses, but …. wish I would have now. Noothing is applied across the board justly.

    And I agree, COH does such good work and HELPS animal control – why can’t we figure something out?

  77. Shelly Dunn Says:

    KCMO animal control, and Simmons, and his ‘cronies’ are the absolute WORST!!! They have harassed me plenty of times over my horses in Grain Valley, actually tried to ‘confiscate’ them because they didn’t like my hay. The hay had been tested and was good hay. No horse was sick or skinny, and in fact, most were over weight! We had a 3 hour stand off on the property, with the Jackson County Sheriffs dept, KCMO animal control officers, when all of this went down! It took the SENATOR of Missouri to let them know they were out of their jurisdiction. The property owner had been evicted with due notice, but none of us boarders had been evicted or served. They don’t know ANYTHING about horses, yet run around threatening people all the time. Most A/C divisions I’ve worked with try to work with people and give them resources to help them keep their animals and care for them. NOT KCMO’s division. They are nothing short of just bullies wearing a badge! They don’t like me very well, because I stand up to them. I know the animal care laws BETTER than they do!!! If I can help you guys in any way…please contact me!!!

  78. Sarah Elizabeth Estlund Says:

    One thing I’d like to point out: yesterday’s rally brought yet another issue to the forefront which I think is really important..the amount of signs and posters (awesome job to whomever did these) that highlighted the extreme number of cases that were completely ignored by animal control. It is my hope the City, media, public and COH supporters take note of the 10-12 extreme abuse/neglect situations that animal control LITERALLY ignored. The photographs were haunting. The captions caused nightmares. Animal control isn’t doing their job therefore we need COH even more. AND we need the City to step up and hold their uneducated, lazy employees called Animal Control officers, accountable for their lack of action.

  79. beth Says:

    I am from Kansas City, and I now reside in Austin, TX, and I have never really liked Austin until a few years ago when I took stock of how well animals are cared for here, whether in the poor neighborhoods or not. There are so many things Kansas City Officials could learn from Austin, by way of how Austin cares for all animals.
    My heart goes out to you and all your volunteers. If I still lived there I would come and volunteer, but I will send letters to the list you put out. Thank you for your dedication and compassion you give to the animals and the city. I love KC because it’s where I come from, but this is appalling and hard to stomach. But it’s not hopeless! Keep fighting! Keep LOVING! That is what will prevail, the love we share with the animals and each other. Thank you for your love and your work. Merry Christmas.

    love, beth,austin,tx

  80. Shelly Dunn Says:

    Agreed, Sarah!!! We need to rally to give them ALL the boot, and replace them with individuals who actually care about the animals. Because the ones working for the Jackson County Animal Control now, are only worried about looking important. (At least, the ones I’ve dealt with do.) They are uneducated about the animals, and we need people who actually KNOW each species needs, and the laws behind them. Not walk around like ‘wanna be’ cops, with their chests sticking out! They’ve confiscated animals that didn’t need confiscated, or tried to confiscate animals that don’t need it, and turn a blind eye to the ones that do need help! Usually, it’s someone they know and are friends with that get away with abuse/neglect.

    What do you all need me to do to help? I’m on board for this one!!!!

  81. Dawn Says:

    I’ve been out of the loop for the past couple of days so I missed the news story and rally. That is FANTASTIC! I replied to a couple of your requests for the emails I received from a couple of city officials. I don’t know your email address so if you could email me, I will be happy to forward them to you. We are gone for the holidays so if I don’t get access to a computer before I get back, I may not be able to forward them to you until the end of the month.

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