Minimal Care/Sweet Dogs

Chain of Hope received a call from a concerned neighbor about a couple of dogs that were thin and had no shelter. I went over and found one reddish dog tangled around a tree in the front yard. He was a little thin and had no food, no water, but he did have a dog house. Of course, he couldn’t get in it because he was wrapped up in the bushes. In fact, he had two dog houses-a medium one and a large igloo. In the back yard was a large, beautiful Shepherd. He had a dog house as well. It looked homemade, but not bad. It was ok for summer, but there were big openings in the top of it that would let the snow and cold in with no problem. She had no food or water either.

I went to the door and met the lady, who was very receptive. I didn’t tell her how we got the call, but she did start telling me that the neighbor complained about her dogs all the time. I didn’t know what was going on, but could definitely sense a neighbor feud.

Because the woman was receptive, I began fixing up the dogs. I explained to her that the doghouse for the shepherd was not adequate for the winter. We decided to pull the igloo around to the back and it would be perfect for the shepherd. We dragged it around and filled it with hay. I fed and watered the dogs, talked with her about feeding them more, spay/neuter, etc. I untangled the reddish dog and talked to her about moving him to a different place in the yard so he wouldn’t get tangled. I left her a big bag of food and told her we’d be in touch about the spay/neuters.

I definitely felt that the animals at this house were receiving minimal care and hoped with a little intervention from us, things would improve. I stopped by a couple of days ago and was very disappointed. The woman wasn’t home, there was a babysitter there with the baby. I asked her if I could fix up the dogs and she said yes. I went around to check the male in the front yard and he was actually doing ok. His house was in a good spot, he still had a little hay left and he wasn’t tangled. He had no food or water, but he wasn’t as thin as before.

Then I went to the back to check the Shepherd and was not happy. This poor girl was wrapped around the tree so much, that she could not reach her dog house. I don’t know how long she’d been like that, but I shudder to think that she had been out there like that for a day or two. Took me forever to untangle her. She had no food, she did have water.
She had her igloo sitting there, but it had no hay left in it and was wet on the bottom.

I knew animal control would do nothing because they both had shelter. I fed and watered the dogs and put more hay in their houses. I left a bag of food and will be returning next week. We will stay involved with these dogs until we can be assured that they are being taken better care of and even then, we will monitor once in awhile so they don’t slip through the cracks.
Thank you for providing the resources so that we can help these poor animals out there that need us so badly.


2 Responses to “Minimal Care/Sweet Dogs”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    When I lived in Aurora, CO; I had a neighbor very similar to this. The dogs barked depriving me of sleep and that caused a neighbor issue. The law required complaints from 2 separate residences but animal control or a police officer could be one of the complaints as well as myself. It took a/c hours to come since it is not an emergency and it was suggested that I call the PD. A police officer arrived which caused the dogs to bark, so she couldn’t cite the owners for barking dogs but she did cite them for unlicensed vehicle parked on the street.

    Finally I called the Denver Dump Friends league who has law enforcement authority. The DDFL told me that frequently a barking dog is an abused dog. They responded and cited the owner for no shelter, no food, and frozen water (hence no water.) The issues continued and finally the neighbor said that they gave the dogs away because of the citations. I question what “gave away” means to people like that?

    If COH could get enforcement authority and issue citations, it may bring better living conditions for the dogs.

  2. Teresa Ross Says:

    Bless your hearts, keep up the good work

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