Cheech and Chong

Chain of Hope received an anonymous call about a momma dog and two puppies living in an abandoned house. We went over to check it out and immediately saw the momma dog and one puppy in the tall grass and bushes. Momma took off when she saw us and the puppy ran back to the abandoned house and ran inside. I went to the back porch and there were tons of Caesar wet dog food containers all around and food and water was down for them. I’m sure the person that called them in had been feeding them.

The inside of the house was a wreck and you couldn’t even walk through it there was so much stuff-mattresses and cabinets and all sorts of obstacles. Somewhere in that house the puppy was hiding from us. We decided that we would come back the next day with the trap, which we did. We left it set all day and checked it periodically, but got nothing all day. We pulled the trap and decided to monitor that location everyday to see if these dogs had a pattern to where and when they were hanging out.

The next day in the late afternoon, I received a frantic call from Judy. She and Marilyn had trapped the two feral puppies in a closet of an abandoned house across the street from where they had been! I went right over and of course, it was one of those closets that goes way back in there. The girls had a flashlight and I could see the two puppies as far back as they could possibly get. They are big puppies, about 20-25 lbs. I had to crawl in there with the control stick and get the puppies on the pole, unfortunately-one of the puppies was biting the control stick, etc. They were scared to death as I dropped them into the up-turned pet taxi. I hate having to do that, but it was the only way to get them out of that closet.

We got the little guys back to Chain of Hope and put them in the outside dog run. It has a nice roof on it (thanks to Sailor’s foster dad!) and an igloo with straw. They were used to being outside, so we thought we’d put them out there and let them try to adjust to a new environment. We kept them out there for about a week as they slowly got used to us coming into the kennel to clean and feed, toss satin balls (tasty treats) and talk to them!

We finally decided that they were ready for the move to come inside the house. Keep in mind, we could barely touch them to pet them, let alone pick them up! We got into the kennel to try and get them and they were petrified. The one was trying to bite. I’m sure they’d never had human contact. I had to finally get the first one on the control stick to get him in the house and up to the second floor. I felt awful, but if we didn’t get them moved into the house and start really working with them, they weren’t going to make it. We’d already given them a week to chill outside. Kendra was able to get the other one on a slip lead and just toss a blanket over him and pick him up. He just froze, he was so scared.

Finally, mission accomplished-we got them moved into their new digs. Or so we thought. Because Kate is so tired all the time and sleep-deprived, she forgot to fasten the x-pen together. As soon as we put the second puppy in there, he shot off, pushed the x-pen apart and was gone! All I could think about was how hard it had been getting them in the house and now here was one of them, running down the stairs with me right behind him! We hadn’t gotten the outside door to the backyard closed because our hands were full when we came in. I just knew he was going to run back outside and we’d have to start all over again with him. I still had the control stick in my hand and I kind of waved it in front of him to make him turn toward my office, instead of the back door. He ran for my office and I ran to close the back door. That was a close one!

I went into my office to see what he was doing and I couldn’t see him anywhere. I couldn’t imagine where he’d gone and then I caught some movement in my black shelves in my office. That little stinker had gotten himself into the shelves, behind the back panel, and he wasn’t coming out for anything! All I could see was his head. The opening to try and pull him back through was small. How he landed himself in there in about 5 seconds flat is beyond me! Dogs are so smart!

We got the screwdriver out and attempted to take the back panel off or the side panel or something! No go. We didn’t know what to do. Neither Kendra nor me was strong enough to pull him up and out of that hole. However-Michael, Nelson’s foster dad, was on his way bringing Nelson for his trip to the TV station for his adoption spot. We showed him the puppy and eventually, Michael was able to pull the puppy out of there.

We reunited him with his brother.They are having much more contact with us and seem to be doing better. We have some “force-the-love” sessions, where we pull them out of the crate, (heir safety zone) and pet them a lot and try to hold them. They make eye contact with us and they get Kate’s massage every time I go upstairs. I know they really are starting to dig it, they just won’t let on yet! Ashley and Michael named them Cheech and Chong!

These two could sure use a foster home! They need some more one-on-one attention and continued TLC. They are a project, but I think there’s hope here. Let us know if you have any time off around the Christmas holidays and would like to give Cheech and Chong a break from here, even for a week or so. They will start progressing even more!

I was told that the person that called this in was able to get the momma dog eventually and had her spayed.

Thank you for your support!


2 Responses to “Cheech and Chong”

  1. Tammy Lynn Garrison Says:

    i just told a friend who already has three dogs of her own, and a foster that she needs to foster some puppies for Christmas πŸ˜‰ Those two guys are adorable..and aptly named. Sadly, if we get any more animals on our bed at night, I think it’s going to collapse. Last night we had two foster dogs and a foster cat stacked like logs between us πŸ˜‰

  2. Sarah Estlund Says:

    Oh my gosh they are so adorable!!! I surely hope you don’t have any problem finding a foster home for these babies. GOOD WORK COH volunteers!!!!! More dogs saved and in warm, loving hands!

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