I had just left Chain of Hope one night about 1:00 a.m. and when I turned onto Paseo, I saw a little brown dog eating something out of a McDonald’s bag on the side of the road. Her tail was tucked way between her legs, she had a hamburger bun in her mouth, and it was a really cold night. Poor little thing.
I pulled over and got out with some food. She was very fearful and would not come to me for the treats. I tried various kinds of food and treats that I carry in my car and lots of coaxing. She didn’t just up and run away, but she wouldn’t allow me to get close enough to get her either. I tried for about 20 min. and it was obvious I wasn’t going to be able to get her. She kept just far enough away-she was pretty smart. I finally got a couple bowls out of my car, put down food and water and left.

I watched for her all that week, but never saw her again. One day, when a volunteer came in, they asked if we’d noticed the dog across the street. I said no, so we went out to see. Across the street from Chain of Hope is a school. There is a wall there between the school property and the business next door, and there, peeking over the wall, was this little brown dog. Oh my gosh! I thought maybe it could be her, but we couldn’t get a real good look at her. She stayed behind the wall, peeking over. We put food and water out on our sidewalk and eventually, she did come over and eat and drink. But she was pretty scared and didn’t trust us. I knew it was the same dog-looked and acted exactly like the one on Paseo that night just a week before. I was pretty excited that she found Chain of Hope! Now, we just had to get her.

We let her be for the day, not wanting to stress her out or make her move along. The next morning, she was there again, peeking over the wall. We put food on our porch and she came all the way up on the porch to eat breakfast. But still, just wary enough to not let us get her. Later that day, Ashlee and her boyfriend Michael came by and they dragged our trap out of the basement, went out front and set it and in about 2 min., Ashlee came in and said “got her!”. That sure didn’t take long. Wish they were all that easy!

Ashlee named her Alexa and she was terrified. We put her in a crate, fed and watered her and covered her crate and let her chill and try to relax a little bit. At first, when we approached her crate to talk to her, she would look at us and growl a low growl. It was all fear. We kept saying hi to her and giving her treats and she began to come around.

Now, just two days later, Alexa sits in my lap, kisses my face and follows me around the house! She’s not too sure
about other people yet, but she’s decided I’m okay.

She’s been trotting around the house as I am writing this blog. She finally went over to the toy pile and picked up a gray elephant in her mouth. A toy! She carried it around and then dropped it on the floor. It’s one of those toys that makes the animal sound and all the sudden, the elephant started making loud elephant sounds and she was so confused! She stared at it and totally did not know what to do with it. She ended up laying on a doggie bed in my office, but she carried her elephant over to it and laid it down beside her. The simplest things like having a toy…..

Alexa is getting spayed in the morning and she’s on her way to a new life with a lucky person or family.
You will have many more toys in your future, Alexa!

Thank you for your support!


7 Responses to “Alexa”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Officially crying here

  2. Lori Smith Says:

    What a doll. That face, those eyes. She will make someone very happy, and they will be even happier I’m sure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. angie mcdaniel Says:

    Look at her! She is so beautiful! Please keep us updated on her!

  4. Lynne Says:

    She is adorable. And you do wonderful work. I am always amazed by your diligence and dedication. Thank you for saving her.

  5. andywhiteman Says:

    She is beautiful! I have noticed that strays tend to be afraid of people possibly from not being around people. Great rescue even though Alexa didn’t realize she she needed a rescue!



  7. Sonya Shifflett-Bly Says:

    Alexa, now Nola, is sweetest of sweet dogs. she became part of family about 2 years ago. and yes our lives are much better because of those deep soulful heartwarming gazes. she is such a momma dog, but now has a little, but bigger brother to contend with. She handles him well though. We had her dna tested, and turns out she equal parts pug, rottie, Belgian Turveren, and Tibetan Mastiff. Who woulda thunk it?! Thanks for the great work you do COH, and thanks for Nola!

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