Bao-“Little Treasure”

Chain of Hope received a call from a wonderful woman in the hood that loves animals and keeps her eyes open for animals in her neighborhood needing help. She called one morning very upset and said that there was a totally emaciated puppy out in front of her house. She said her own dogs had been barking and throwing a fit, so when she went out front to see what was up, she saw an old brown truck kind of sitting at her corner and then she saw this little dog that was so pathetic, she could hardly believe it was still alive. The guy driving the truck started going down the street real slow and this woman yelled at him, asking him if this was his dog. He drove off.

Mary was concentrating on this little dog, anyway, who was in very bad shape. She called us and asked us to please hurry and come get her to the vet. I raced over there and Mary had contained the little puppy on the enclosed front porch of a vacant house next door to her. Mary was very distraught when I got there. She pointed to the porch and said that she had gotten the puppy in there and closed the door. I went up to the porch and opened the door and it was then that I saw the most pathetic little creature. It was a purebred Shar Pei puppy, I thought. Looked to be about 4 months old and was starved to the bone. This poor puppy was literally skin and bones. Her eyes were so crusted over, that she couldn’t see. Her pictures do not even show how bad she really looked in real life. I could hardly believe that this little girl was alive. I scooped her up, ran to the van and raced off to the vet.

This little girl was in bad shape. At Bannister Vet Clinic, they cleaned her eyes out to examine them and it was clear that this little girl needed entropian surgery (her eye lashes turn inward against the eye and is causing ulcerations, etc.) She clearly had been like this for a long time. She could not see, her eyes were deep, deep in the sockets. She was terribly dehydrated, emaciated, and basically blind. When they pulled her gums back to examine her teeth and age her, we all had a shock! This wasn’t a little puppy, this was an adult,probably around 2-3 yrs. old. We weighed her on the puppy scale and she only weighed 14 lbs. My heart ached for the suffering she’d endured. I’m sure she’d had a really bad life from the get-go. She was very much stunted in her growth and on top of that, emaciated.

Through all of this, she was a doll! We all loved her. She was sweet and thankful, a little shy, and a real fighter to have hung on in her condition. At the vet, we all brain-stormed for a name and finally someone came up with Bao, which means Little Treasure in Chinese (she’s a Chinese Shar Pei). It fit her perfectly. She was indeed a little treasure.

The vet could find nothing else wrong with Bao and thought it was clearly, simply, but sadly, a case of sheer starvation. Her heart worm test was negative. Her fecal test was negative. We really felt like instead of being kept out in the backyard or something, little Bao was most likely just forgotten about, ignored and kept in a basement or somewhere. The poor, poor baby. Little did she know that the day that asshole decided to drop her off on that corner.

It was the day before Thanksgiving and she needed someone to really keep an eye on her, run sub q fluids on her and put her eye drops in several times a day. Kendra agreed to keep her over the holidays and get her on her feet. It was very cool that after about 2 days, Kendra called me and said that she could barely see Bao’s little eyes in the slits on her face. Her eyes were slowly opening. Her spirit was amazing, she was becoming so interested in her new world.

After the holidays, Bao came back down the Chain of Hope and I couldn’t even believe the difference in her of just a few days. She was already filling out. Amazing what a little food will do for a starved dog. She began to heal and trust and she is delightful. She will face eye surgery when she gains enough weight to undergo surgery. Bao is so resilient, she is going to be just fine.

Little did Bao know that the day that asshole decided to drop her off on that corner, she was dropped off on a corner where an angel lived. It was the best day of her life. Thanks for keeping us out there.


6 Responses to “Bao-“Little Treasure””

  1. Pam Says:

    I am very proud of the fact that Bannister Vet is where i take my doggies and they do so much good for Chain of Hope who I also support. I love these stories of hope 🙂 So Happy for Bao! She will have a great Christmas now, sounds like her first one.

  2. Allison Says:

    Cool to hear that you use Bannister Vet. I have taken my dogs there for over 15 years. I had no idea they supported CoH!

  3. John Says:

    I also have a Sharpei but he is very well cared for and very spoiled.
    Harley has been blind since birth and Bannister Vet. has cared for Harley since we received him. I can’t imagine anyone treating animals the way this dog was treated. Thank you so much, Bannister Vets!

  4. Samanthat Avery Says:

    That is so sad! Im so appreciative to what your organization does!!!!

  5. Pam Says:

    I have been in the Bannister Vet Clinic this week and they say that Bao is doing great!!! So glad 🙂

  6. Dan Says:

    How is Boa doing now? Did he find a forever home?

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