A local veterinarian called me for help with this wonderful Boxer mix. The dog had come into the vet and was emaciated. He had some sores on his butt and was not in very good shape. The owner was in a wheelchair and the dog was tied up out back. The owner could not get back there to feed the dog and basically, the dog was starving. I told the vet that I would make a call, but I thought I had a foster home for him.

I called Sarah and her husband, Nate. They foster Boxers for us and do a fabulous job. I knew that “Bruiser”, as he was called, would thrive under their care. Bruiser was put on antibiotics for his sores and Panacur for de-worming. Sarah and Nate came to meet Bruiser and they loved him. He is SUCH a sweet boy. They took him home and are helping him recover and gain his health back.

His new name is Sheldon. It’s our belief that we must rename our dogs when they come into our program-it symbolizes them leaving their old life behind and beginning a new Chain of Hope life of good health, much love and a forever home. Sheldon is a very handsome boy and has a really awesome personality. He will be neutered when he gains some more weight. He gets along fine with other dogs and is enjoying being a house dog finally!

Thanks for keeping us out there!


2 Responses to “Sheldon”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Sheldon is a beautiful dog and lucky to find COH. I wonder how easy it is to rename a dog? Do they understand they have a different name? I would think that would be difficult. I was always been addressed by my middle name and have never responded to my first name. If anyone calls me by my first name, I don’t recognize it as my name and ignore them. I would think a dog would be the same way.

  2. mj Says:

    My guess is that nobody has called them anything or paid any attention to them so they have no association to the name their captor gave them.

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