A man that we had previously helped contacted Chain of Hope. He had moved and he said one of his dogs was sick. We headed over and he had both of his dogs in the backyard, but one of them was laying down and was lethargic, etc. James told me that Odie hadn’t been eating well at all and that the day before, he had laid over in the bushes and had not gotten up. He said that Odie was a little bit better that day, he had gotten up and moved around some. I asked him to bring Odie out of the yard to the driveway and let us see him better. He brought Odie out of the yard, and it was then that we could see the terrible condition that he was in. He was skin and bones-emaciated. I pinched up his skin on the back of his neck and he was totally dehydrated. This poor old boy was in bad shape. I’ve seen this many times and most of the time it’s due to severe heart worm disease in an older dog. Odie had been outside his entire life and had no doubt had heart worms for years. It was finally all catching up with him and he was dying. His breathing was labored and he wouldn’t eat anymore. My heart went out to him, he looked so bad.

I told James that I could take Odie in to the vet for him and pay for it (he had no money), but that it was most likely a euthanasia. He agreed and I told him if the vet advocated putting Odie out of his misery, I would call him first and he said that was fine. I drove Odie over to Independence Animal Hospital and they took one look at him and could tell as well-this poor old boy was at the end of his rope. They advocated euthanasia and I called James and told him. He said that was ok. It’s hard to believe how unemotional people are towards their pets sometimes.

I loved on Odie as we put him down and told him how handsome he was, how special he was and how much I loved him. Finally he was at peace. I was at peace knowing that his suffering was over, but haunted by having to hold yet another dog as it’s euthanized.

Run free Odie-you’re finally free of pain and suffering! We love you.


2 Responses to “Odie”

  1. Paige Says:

    Heartbreaking and infuriating… thank you Chain of Hope for bearing witness to this cruelty and bringing comfort to precious souls like Odie whose voices cannot be heard.

  2. Sarah Estlnud Says:

    My heart breaks for you Kate, and the others, enduring that last-minute hope and pain for these babies. I’m always speechless after reading these blogs as I’m so full of anger at the injustice in this city. Thank you, for being out there and thank you for keeping us posted via the blog. xoxo

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