Left Behind

Chain of Hope received a call from a woman that I had helped in the hood a few years ago. She had kept my number and she called because her neighbors had up and moved 4 months ago and left their animals behind. This is outrageous to us, but this happens pretty frequently, unfortunately. She said that she had just seen the cat that these people left behind get hit by a car. She and her family had been feeding the cat and keeping an eye on it and she actually saw it get hit. She said it gone to the back of it’s house and crawled onto a shelf of a piece of furniture. She said it had blood coming out of it’s mouth.

Judy and I jumped in the van and headed over. As we were going down her street, looking for her house we both noticed a dirty, shaggy white dog sitting in a front yard. We went on down the street to Kayla’s house and she took us around back to see the cat. It was a beautiful black and white, long haired cat and it was sitting on a shelf with blood dripping out of it’s mouth. We didn’t know what kind of injuries it had, if bones were broken, or whatever. Kayla was able to pick up the cat in a towel, very gently and put it in the pet taxi. She was telling us that the people had just left their animals 4 months ago. As we came around to the front to put the cat in the van and head to the vet, we saw the white dog sitting a couple of yards down. We asked Kayla about it and she said that he was one of the stupid people’s dogs that were left behind when they moved. He had been out in the neighborhood for 4 months on his own. He’s only about a yr. old and about 15 lbs. Poor little guy. We asked Kayla if anyone could touch him and she said no-no one. We decided we would get the cat to the vet and then come back later that day or the next with our dog trap and try and trap the little guy.

The vet was very busy when we went, so they just took the cat to the back and said to call them later. We went to Chain of Hope and got the dog trap and went back over and set it with some smelly treats. I showed Kayla how to reset it in case it got tripped or got a raccoon in it or something. She had my cell to call me if he went in and I left. I did not receive a call from her, so we headed back over the next morning. The dog hadn’t gone near the trap, he was MUCH too smart for this. We pulled the trap and left again, trying to think of a game plan.

Thank goodness, the cat that was hit was not terribly injured. It’s jaw wasn’t broken, which is what I feared. In fact, they could not really find anything seriously wrong with this boy. The blood was not significant-maybe bit it’s lip or something when it was hit. I had talked with Kayla about her family being able to bring the cat into their house and making it one of their indoor cats (they already had two of their own). I told her that we would do the vetting of the cat and drop cat food once in a while. She agreed that they could do that, so we picked up the cat from the vet to take it to Kayla’s house. This was one very lucky cat!

When Marilyn and Eleanor took the cat home the next day, the white dog was laying out there, sleeping in the sun, but woke up when they got out of the van. When he saw Marilyn coming, he started moving and Marilyn netted him with our net on a long pole. Great job, Marilyn!

This little guy came back to Chain of Hope and he was pretty scared. We set him up with a kennel, food and water. Before I knew it, Eleanor was sitting in the floor, cutting mats off of him! He wasn’t growling or biting or anything like that, although he was very scared. Eleanor could pet him and clip all over. We got some flea meds on him and he settled down for a well-deserved, warm sleep, safe at Chain of Hope.

The next day, Marilyn gave Logan (his new name!) a bath, which he badly needed. He really was white! Then I took him out to Auntie Crystal’s for a good shaving. Later that afternoon, Judy scooped him off to Furry Kids, who have agreed to take him into their adoption program. Furry Kids helps us a lot and we appreciate them so much. I’m sure Logan will be snuggled on someone’s couch in no time!

Thank you for keeping us out in the community and on the streets. It is so important that we continue to be out there, helping the most disadvantaged animals in Kansas City. Those of us that do outreach are well aware that we would not and could not be out there without all of you behind us, supporting us, and we sincerely appreciate your support, prayers and good thoughts!


3 Responses to “Left Behind”

  1. Lori Smith Says:

    Thank you Chain of Hope for taking care of the forgotten.

  2. Marci Says:

    Thank you for all the work that you do in the community. Those of us who aren’t in the trenches like the Chain of Hope folks appreciate you so much.

  3. Elaine Says:

    Once again, your halos are glowing. 🙂

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