What Happened To Them?

Every once in a while I like to let people know what’s happened to some of the animals featured on the blog. Here are a few updates for you. You can always go back and read their entire story on the blog.


Check out the change in little Ellen! She was a scared, emaciated little puppy when Chain of Hope rescued her from a terrible situation. We got her fattened up, healthy and then transferred her to Wayside Waifs where she recently found her forever home!


Chain of Hope had to trap little Leona-she was so scared. She and her momma were strays running around at a house where we were trapping cats. They would run across Paseo and we just knew that they were going to get hit one day. We trapped Leona and then she stayed at Chain of Hope for about 6 weeks until she was spayed and rehabilitated. She just left this last Sunday with her forever family!


Remember these poor little guys that Chain of Hope rescued a month nor so ago? Marilyn and I had seen the momma dog on Benton Blvd. and tracked down where she lived. These babies were down in a dirt hole under an old door or something. They came to Chain of Hope for about 3 weeks until they had a couple of vaccinations in them and had gotten strong and healthy and we just transferred them over to Wayside Waifs this week.


Rocky and Darla were left behind when their owners were evicted. They were living in filth and Rocky especially was very thin. Chain of Hope rescued these babies and Wayside Waifs was kind enough to take them both. Rocky has been adopted and Darla is still waiting for her forever home.


Onyx was pretty near death when we saved her. She didn’t have much longer in this world. Look at her today-what an awesome, beautiful girl. She’s a great ambassador for the breed, even after all that was done to her and how she suffered. Here she is with her new mom, Laura. Onyx had a long road back to good health, but she made it and she’s a happy and much loved girl!

I will try and do more updates. We have some really amazing rescues and stories.
Thank you for keeping us out there.


One Response to “What Happened To Them?”

  1. angie Says:

    LOVE reading these after all your hard efforts, they really do pay off!!! So glad to support you guys!

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