Pit Puppies Pulled From Wood Pile

Chain of Hope received a call from someone that worked out south, off of Swope Parkway. She said there was momma pit bull with little puppies and they were living in the woods and field behind her place of business. She said people that worked there tossed food out to them from time to time.

Marilyn and I went over and sure enough, we found them! We couldn’t approach them or they would turn and run back into their wood pile they were living under. We threw pieces of satin balls, a tasty snack made with hamburger, etc. (thanks Julia and friends-we’re still pulling them out of our freezer!). We set out cat traps for the puppies, they were still so small. However-they would have nothing to do with the traps. They had a great shelter mom had chosen for them, it was a deep woodpile that went far back when you looked down in there. This was their safety zone, where mom had probably had them. Mom was having no part of us when we started trying to get the puppies. She stayed pretty far away. The man that lived in the house whose yard the woodpile was in was very nice and cooperative. He said they were all strays, but that he knew the puppies were sick and needed help. He told us to come in his yard anytime to try and get all of them.

As we were able to get closer and could look up close through the telephoto of the camera, we could see that the puppies had “something” on them. At first we thought it was mange or ringworm. There was definite hair loss, whatever it was. These little guys were so scared, they kept huddling far back in the woodpile. There was a fence in front of the woodpile, so we decided to cut the fence with our bolt cutters. When we had done that, I crawled through the hole and then got on top of the woodpile and reached down in there and scruffed a puppy. It was so hard to pull him up out of the pile-it was pretty dense in there. We were able to get another one the same way. As I pulled them out of there, we could see that they were in really bad shape. Their skin looked terrible and they had big, wormy bellies. We decided to leave for the day and let the others, including momma, settle down. We took these little guys straight to Independence Animal Hospital, praying it wasn’t ringworm. Turns out that they have a severe staph infection. We got enough meds for all 4 puppies because we knew we’d go back the next day for the other two. We took these puppies back to Chain of Hope and gave them a medicated bath, got them fed and put them down for the night. They were exhausted and so were we!

Kendra and I went back the next day. The remaining two puppies were right there in front of the woodpile. They of course ran back under there when we arrived. We had to do the same thing as the day before and reach down and scruff them. We were able to get both of them, put down food and water for momma (where ever she was-didn’t see her that morning), and took the puppies back to Chain of Hope to rejoin their litter mates!

We have told the people at the business that we will be back to trap momma and get her spayed. This was apparently her 2nd litter out there. The puppies were extremely shy for days and days. They are now comfortable enough at least that when I come into the room and if they are laying in their doggie bed, they will just lay there and stay relaxed while I’m in there, instead of running to the back of the crate, etc. They have a long way to go, however, both physically and emotionally. They are a little better everyday-especially if you have cheese in your hand when you come and see them!

We would love to split them into two groups of two and get them into foster homes. If you’d be interested in helping these little guys and could take two of them into your home, that’d be wonderful and so beneficial to them. Chain of Hope provides a crate, food and all the medical care.

Yes, Chain of Hope now has 4 brown pit bull puppies to rehabilitate and place, but really-who else was going to help them? Who else was going to put the time and effort into trying to save them? I’m glad we got them, they are really in bad shape. They never would’ve made it this winter-they were too sick already. Thank God that woman called and thank God we were able to get them. We will not forget about Momma, either. We will get that done. Thank you for your support and keeping us out there!


2 Responses to “Pit Puppies Pulled From Wood Pile”

  1. Chris and chelsea Says:

    We just brought home boo (who we decided to name Xylo, greek for wood) and hes exploring the house and having a blast with his new brother Ira, another puppy saved by chain of hope. Thank you guys so much for making it possible to expand our family 🙂

  2. Gail Reed Says:

    What a GREAT story about these poor little puppies. I am so happy they are safe now & in good hands. Please let me know about their poor mother, she looks pretty emaciated & in need of help. God Bless you! Please continue your wonderful work to help these poor defenseless babies, Please keep me informed about all of them. Thank you, Gail & “Fergie” (my rescue baby).

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