Chain of Hope received a call regarding 3 dogs in a dog pen and one of them had an injured leg. We went over and thankfully there was an alley that took us right up close to the pen. There were 3 dogs in there and one of them not only had what appeared to be a broken leg, she also had a large mammary tumor hanging off of her. We went to the door and no one answered. We left our info on the door. No one ever called us so we went back a few days later and there she was with her leg dangling. We called it into animal control because we’d been unable to make contact once again and this dog needed medical care.

There are times I’ve seen animal control give people up to a week to get a dog to a vet for medical care (which I believe is entirely too long). When we called the next day to find out what had happened, we were told that animal control had talked with the owner and closed the case. A couple of our volunteers drove down the alley a few days later and the poor dog was still there. I told them that unfortunately animal control may give up to a week to make people get their animals to a vet, so we were just going to have to monitor the situation and see what would happen. I drove by a couple of days later and the dog was gone. I was relieved. I thought that animal control had impounded it or it was finally at a veterinarian.

A couple of volunteers went by a few days later and this dog was back in the pen and her leg was still dangling! The girls came back and told me and the next day, Judy and I went over and knocked on their door. Finally, someone answered. A very nice older couple lived here and they told me that Spay/Neuter KC had come over and gotten Momma, the dog with the broken leg, and her daughter and took them in to be spayed. They couldn’t catch the male-he is pretty much feral. I do know that animal control sought Spay/Neuter KC’s assistance with this location, so I do believe animal control made a good effort on their part. Spay/Neuter KC brought the dogs back, told the people that Momma’s leg wasn’t broken, that they’d spayed them (this is what the owner is telling me) and her leg was still dangling and her tumor was still hanging off of her. They took her a bottle of pain meds and that was that.

I explained to the owner that this dog needed to get to the vet and the sooner the better. He agreed and we loaded Momma up and took her to the Humane Society of Greater KC. Momma had a wound on the elbow joint of the broken leg and it was getting infected, as was noted by the veterinarian. She sent us for X-rays and it turns out that Momma (now renamed Lexi) had been shot in the leg! Her “elbow” joint was shattered into hundreds of pieces. There was an infection in the bone and the doctor immediately said that this leg needed to come off. She also pointed out that this dog had not been spayed, yet the owner had told us that Spay/Neuter KC had spayed his dogs and the paperwork that he received from them reflected that, yet she wasn’t spayed. I didn’t know what was going on, but I did know that we needed to address this infected leg ASAP. We left Lexi for a leg amputation of her front left leg. Poor Lexi. She was 7 yrs. old and had had multiple litters. She had lived outside in her pen her entire life.

I called the owner to update him on the condition of Lexi and I told him that Chain of Hope could help him financially to get Lexi taken care of, but that from this day forward she must be an indoor dog. I told him that she could not stay out in the pen anymore and it was time to bring her in and make her an indoor dog. He didn’t miss a beat and said immediately, “well, I can’t do that”. I said, “you are not willing to make Lexi an indoor dog and let her live the rest of her life in the house?” and he said, “no, I can’t do that”. I asked him if he wanted to sign her over to Chain of Hope and we would take care of all of her medical issues and find her a good indoor home and he said that that was what he wanted. He signed her over to Chain of Hope and Lexi was ready to start a new chapter of her life-inside where she belonged, with a family which she so deserved.

Lexi did really well with her amputation and really seemed to feel so much better getting that painful leg off of her. She came back to Chain of Hope to recover and get stronger. She absolutely adores going out front on a tie-out and laying on our big front porch. Everyone that comes to Chain of Hope meets Lexi first because she’s usually laying on the porch. Everyone loves Lexi-she is such a sweetheart! She gives lots of kisses and has so much love to give. How sad that she had lived in a pen, far behind the house her whole life.

A couple of weeks later, Lexi went back in for her spay surgery and her tumor removal. This poor girl had been through so much and with all of her staples, she looked a little like Frankenstein! We didn’t care, though, all of us were falling in love with Lexi! She did fine recovering from all of that and has made it back in to the vet to get all of her staples removed. She manages very well on 3 legs, she goes up and down the stairs, goes for walks, etc. She has put on weight and she looks so good and healthy.

Lexi has one more obstacle and that is heart worm treatment. She is heart worm positive, of course, being outside for 7 yrs. We will get that taken care of and she will be ready for her forever home where she can receive a lot of love and attention and also give all of the love she has in her. She really is an amazing dog. Please let us know if you’d be interested in fostering or adopting Lexi. She has been at Chain of Hope for a couple of months now and it would be nice to at least give her a break from here and get into a foster home.

This dog was failed by a couple of different entities. Thank God Chain of Hope does the monitoring that we do and we persevere until the animal receives the help it needs. We called animal control on 8-1-11 and we finally got Lexi relinquished ourselves on 8-29-11. She unnecessarily sat in that pen with a severely broken leg and a large mammary tumor for a month after this was called in. I still don’t know what happened with this case. We made some attempts to find out, but they were either not responded to or inconclusive. It doesn’t matter, because what Chain of Hope cares about is Lexi, and of course the 2 dogs still in the pen, which are 2 of her grown pups from another litter. We will be getting proper shelter over to the 2 remaining dogs.

Lexi is going to be just fine. If you would like to foster, adopt or contribute to her surgeries and heart worm treatment, please donate by going to our home page of our website.

Thank you for your support!


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