Benton Boulevard Momma


Marilyn and I were driving down Benton Blvd. the other day when we spotted a yellow lab mix with hanging teats. She crossed busy Benton Blvd., so we pulled over and she came right up to us. She definitely had milk, so we started knocking on doors and checking yards for her litter. We finally talked to someone who pointed out the house she lived at. We knocked on the door and finally a nicely dressed woman came out and she said that yes that was her dog. She said that the dog had been her dad’s and he had passed away and now she had her. She said the dog was 9-10 yrs. old and had had several litters. The momma actually was at a good body weight. We see so many mommas that are nursing and they are emaciated because the puppies just take everything they have. At least this momma was good weight and seemed healthier than most we come across.

We asked her if we could see the puppies and she said they were in the backyard-to go on through the gate and she would come through the house and meet us. The yard was really big, very well kept and was all fenced. We saw a dog house in the yard, but we looked in there and there were no puppies. We looked in the garage and there were no puppies. We couldn’t imagine where they were and about that time the lady came out the back door. We asked her where they were and she walked over under a small deck, which was an area just full of dirt and some trash and there was an old door laying on the ground. We saw two little heads pop up out of the dirt hole under the door to look at us. They were so tiny and so pathetic. We asked her if they’d been there the entire time and she said yes, that’s where they had been born and had been ever since. One of the puppies came up out of the hole and ran to the corner of the area, scared to death. We asked the woman what she was going to do with them and she said she was going to give them away and the sooner the better, she already had a couple of people wanting them. We explained to her more about what we do and we offered to take the litter. She was very happy with that and said we could take all 7 of them. We told her that we would have to get the momma fixed in a couple of weeks and she said she did want that to get done. We explained that we couldn’t take them that day, that we needed to get an area set up for them and we would be back the next day.

The girls went back the next day, moved the door and got the puppies out of the dirt hole that had been their only home for the past 5-6 weeks. Liberation and on to better things! They were extremely shy when we got them back to Chain of Hope, except for one little guy. He always came right up to us from the get -go, but he was the only one. That was good, though, because the others watched him and within 3 days, they were all coming out for attention and love, too.

The puppies are doing very well. They’ve been vaccinated, de-flea’d, de-wormed and de-stressed now. They are happy and healthy. We will get momma in for her spay in 2 weeks. We had a long talk with this woman about the momma running in Benton Blvd. We will monitor this situation, but at least the cycle has been stopped at this house. Another litter that will be spayed and neutered and will not be farmed out around the neighborhood, only to end up on a chain and/or to reproduce. We are out in the community daily. Thanks for keeping us out there!


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