Another Mom and Litter

Yes, that’s the front of the house you’re seeing in the pictures! Judy and I were driving one day through a high-need area. Almost immediately, a momma dog with her teats hanging full of milk came out of a front yard. Oh no! A man and a woman came to the door and they started telling us all about their animals. They had a couple of little dogs they kept in the house and this momma, a heeler mix, with 7 puppies, about 4 weeks old they said. We never did see the puppies that day. They were not interested in giving them up to us, so we talked about spaying the momma later on and left them several phone numbers to get hold of us if they changed their minds about the puppies or if anything happened and they needed our help.

About 1 1/2 weeks later, they called and left a message that they needed food. A few days later, our volunteers took food over to them and now it was a different story on the puppies! They couldn’t get rid of them fast enough! We knew as soon as the puppies got to walking all around and walking through their poop, etc. these people would be ready to get rid of them. They lived in a disgusting place anyway. It was really nasty.

So, we have five darling 8 week old puppies now at Chain of Hope. They were so full of worms, it was disgusting, but they are healthy now and growing and coming out of their shells. They are absolutely adorable. Momma has been spayed and hopefully Wayside Waifs is going to be able to help us with these puppies.

Chain of Hope found this situation by driving through the inner city, which is what we do almost every day! We go out and look for animals in distress and it usually doesn’t take us long to find them! Thank you for keeping us out there!


One Response to “Another Mom and Litter”

  1. Andy Whiteman Says:

    It is pathetic when people can’t be responsible for their animals or even themselves!

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