Owners Evicted-Great Dogs Left Behind

Chain of Hope received a call from a pet owner on the day they were getting evicted because they had two dogs in the backyard and they couldn’t take them. We went over to check it out and in the backyard in a feces-filled pen was a gorgeous, sweet, shy brindle lab mix. She was pretty afraid of us, but the first thing we did was let her out of that nasty pen and started cleaning it. Chained up on the side of the backyard was a beautiful, very thin Mastiff mix boy. He was very shy as well and starving!

We fixed them up the best we could and I took some pix of them. I got back to the office and emailed Wayside the pix of Rocky, the Mastiff mix. Wayside got back to me the next day and they could take Rocky! I headed over to the house to load him up and get him to Wayside Waifs. We got Rocky out of there, fixed up the little girl again and told her we’d be back for her.

In the meantime, the new people that were moving into the house saw that there was this beautiful female dog left and they are considering keeping her, although as the days go by I really don’t think they are going to. I am trying to find her a place to go as well. She may be pregnant and she needs to get out of there. Regardless, the new people said that they would definitely want her spayed if they kept her.

We are still maintaining beautiful Darla. As many of you in rescue know, these are the kinds of phone calls we get quite often and they usually have to get rid of the dog that very day and they just begin calling. We do the best we can and try to help, but sometimes it is so very hard with no notice.

Anyway, Rocky is doing very well at Wayside and I’m sure will be adopted in no time! Darla we are still working on, but we don’t want this little girl falling through the cracks and ending up at KCMO animal control. If you’d be interested in fostering Darla, please let us know at cohadoptions@gmail.com.

Thank you for keeping us going to help babies like these!


One Response to “Owners Evicted-Great Dogs Left Behind”

  1. Andy Whiteman Says:

    I can’t understand how anyone could leave their dogs! There was just a case in Brooklyn, NY of a woman who left her dog in in an apartment after being evicted. The dog ate everything available including razor blades before dying. The woman acted so remorseful the judge sentenced her to community service.

    The brindle lab mix looks like a dog I use to have. I wonder what happened to personal responsibility? People aren’t responsible for their pets anymore! Many aren’t responsible for their children either. If the new people want the lab, they should step up, have her spayed, vaccinated, licensed, and take care of her.

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