Chain of Hope received a call from a person in the community that we have helped a lot over the years. This woman had saved beautiful Lizzie out of the middle of Independence Ave. She was very close to being hit by a car. She was thin, had no ID and she was scared. Because we have built good relationships out there in the community, this woman called Chain of Hope. She knew that she couldn’t keep this pup and she didn’t want it to have to go to the shelter.

We went over and picked up Lizzie and she is a doll! We kept her at Chain of Hope that night and I called a foster person who loves Boxers and she and her husband came and picked Lizzie up to foster. Thanks, guys! Lizzie is blossoming and has come out of her shell! She is being checked for a possible skin condition, but overall she is doing awesome!


2 Responses to “Lizzie”

  1. melinda hartel Says:

    What a darling dog! And lucky!!

  2. Liz Howard Says:

    I have a friend VERY interested in Lizzie! His 13 yr. old Boxer had to be put down in July (age related issues) and he’s got a forever home waiting. I left a phone message today.

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